Do roses always mean love? Rose symbolism and meaning in bouquet

    Do roses always mean love? Rose symbolism and meaning in bouquet

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: May 17 2024

    data modified: May 21 2024

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    Roses are number one among flowers. They are associated with such a reverent feeling as love and romance. It is hard to imagine the first date without a bouquet of delicate pink roses. And this is not surprising at all. It is an elegant, refined, and richly flavored flower.

    Roses are presented in a huge variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. They can be both large buds and small roses. There are roses growing on long stems or miniature flowers on a thin stem. The color range of “pink” wealth includes all possible shades - from snowy white to black. Choosing bouquets of roses as a gift, be sure to find out what their colors mean or how many flowers should be in the bouquet. Check out our in-depth guide to roses meaning below.


    Key takeaways

    • Red roses symbolize love, passion, and respect.
    • White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings.
    • Pink roses symbolize admiration, gratitude, and sweetness.
    • Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm, fascination, and energy.
    • Yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy, and happiness.
    • Purple roses symbolize enchantment, mystery, and royalty.
    • Blue roses symbolize the unattainable and the mysterious.
    • Green roses symbolize growth, fertility, and rejuvenation.
    • Black roses symbolize farewell, loss, and the end of relations.

    Rose meaning by color

    People always strive to find meaning in everything, and rose's color meaning is no exception. But no other flower has such a variety of symbols and meanings as the rose. Roses are a universal way to express delight, attention, adoration, and admiration. Yes, roses can say all of these things, especially the gorgeous ones due to their color. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when choosing a bouquet for a particular occasion. Each color symbolizes something different. Let's understand what exactly it is.

    Red roses meaning

    Red roses are a vivid symbol of love and passion, devotion and respect. They are always admired and emphasize the depth of feelings. A large bouquet with 20 Rose Spray Rubicon bouquet always looks majestic and elegant, it emphasizes the specialness of the moment and makes it memorable. Red roses are especially popular as a gift for Valentine's Day or for a romantic date. They become a symbol of family happiness and coziness, bringing joy and warmth to the house. Our florists often play with contrast, adding white buds to red roses. This creates a sense of harmony and unity, emphasizing the importance of close relationships and family well-being.

    Symbolism of white roses

    White has always symbolized purity, innocence, and sincerity. White roses are associated with a new beginning. They symbolize pure and sincere love. That is why they are so popular among brides, and they are often used to create wedding bouquets.

    A bouquet with 25 / 50 / 75 Playa Blanca roses is not only a beautiful gift, but also a special symbol. Such bouquets bring joy and happiness. Express deep feelings and a desire to wish for happiness and well-being in a new stage of life.

    Pink roses symbolism

    Light pink roses meaning - a symbol of tender love. Their delicate shades are associated with dreaminess, charm, and youthfulness. However, there are so many variations among pink shades. Giving a girl a bouquet with 25 / 50 / 75 Roses Martina bouquet will show her admiration for her, but not deep feelings. Pink roses will also make a great gift for a girl on the theater stage. They will convey to her all your admiration.

    Meaning of orange roses

    Orange roses mean pride and majesty. Flower box “Summer Fragrance” with roses attracts the eyes and emphasizes the importance of the moment. Delicate peach shade of roses expresses warmth of feelings and gratitude. Peach roses are often used to decorate banquet tables and halls at celebrations. They fit perfectly into delicate bridal bouquets and romantic compositions, giving them a special charm. But dark orange bouquets can be given to anyone. They emphasize a playful mood and joy.

    Yellow roses meaning

    Yellow is associated with optimism and joy. It symbolizes sunlight and warmth, giving us confidence and joy. However, yellow roses in flower box "Enchanted Clusters” with mattiola and blue carnation can also be a symbol of separation and parting. Do not give them to lovers, especially if they are prone to superstition.

    Symbolism of purple roses

    Purple roses are associated with first crush, early feelings and the joy of meeting. Their pastel shades symbolize charm and love at first sight. Purple roses are perfect to show your admiration. If you have just met a girl and have passionate feelings for her, there is nothing better than a small bouquet "Lilac ice-cream" with hydrangea rose, carnations as a gift.

    Blue roses symbolism

    For a long time, blue roses were thought to be flowers that did not exist. They were mentioned in literature as a symbol of unfulfilled hopes. Today, however, blue roses symbolize the fulfillment of wishes and dreams. These flowers are also associated with loyalty and courage. You can give a bouquet "Natural Elegance" with dahlias, eucalyptus, hydrangeas, and roses to a man. So you will show how courageous and strong he is for you.

    Meaning of green roses

    Green roses meaning - abundance and generosity. Bouquet of 12 green roses will be a good gift to your boss. But don't give such flowers to your halves. This is a sign of jealousy.

    Black roses symbolism

    Historically, black roses have been associated with sadness and death. They were given as a sign of grief and loss. But traditions are changing and now a heart-shaped “Acrylic” flower box, an extraordinary bouquet of black roses, is given to express your admiration.

    Rose symbolism by number

    How many inflorescences should be in a bouquet? Numbers are of great importance. By the number of roses presented, you can accurately understand what feelings the person have for you:

    • 1 rose - a symbol of tenderness and innocent feelings;
    • 2 roses - given before engagement;
    • 3 flowers - a declaration of love;
    • 6 roses meaning - tells about the intention to continue the relationship;
    • 11 roses - the groom gives to the bride;
    • 29 flowers - presented on the wedding anniversary;
    • 101 scarlet roses - speaks of the desire to create a family with you.

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    The rose is rightly considered the queen of flowers. No other flower has so many shades and meanings. Such a bouquet is easy to choose for any occasion and celebration.


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