How to keep roses beautiful for a long time?

    How to keep roses beautiful for a long time?

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 10 2024

    data modified: Jun 10 2024

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    Fresh flowers make you happy and sad ‌because their beauty is so fleeting. Roses are a symbol of love, romantic feelings, brightness, and sophistication. However, like all living plants, over time they wither and begin to lose their attractiveness. How to keep roses alive and fresh for a long time? Read our article and use proven tips.


    Key takeaways

    • Keep the roses in a warm room to prolong their freshness.
    • Prepare a clean vase, ensuring it is at least half the height of the stems and made of clear glass or crystal to transmit light and maintain the freshness of the roses.
    • Cut off leaves below the waterline and remove thorns to keep the stems clean and smooth, cutting them at a sharp angle under running water to facilitate water absorption.
    • Give roses a clean cut under running water using a sharp knife, ensuring they are immediately placed in water, and consider splitting the stem for meter roses, as this provides full access to water.
    • Get roses in water and regularly change the water, preferably with settled water at room temperature, trimming the stems a couple of centimeters each time.
    • Use "flower food" to provide roses with the essential nutrients and antibacterial substances they need for longer-lasting freshness.
    • Wait to remove guard petals, the outer petals on a rose, which serve as a protective layer, as removing them immediately after purchasing might cause the flowers to wilt faster.

    Keep the roses in warm room

    The place for the "Caffè Latte Small Bouquet” with white hydrangea and rose should be chosen carefully. It must be protected from direct sunlight, heating devices, open fire and drafts to keep roses beautiful. It is best if the room has cool and humid air.

    If you are placing the bouquet in the kitchen, make sure there are no fruits or vegetables nearby, especially bananas, as they produce ethylene, which can speed up the wilting of the flowers. We also don't recommend placing flowers on a window that is often opened for ventilation and refreshing roses under running air conditioning, as this will not extend their life, but, on the contrary, will accelerate their withering.

    Prepare the clean vase

    You need to choose the right vase for the composition bouquet with 25 roses "Sweet Escimo". The height of the vase should be at least half the height of the stems. We recommend using vases made of clear glass or crystal, which perfectly transmit light to keep roses fresh in a vase. It is also important to consider the inner diameter of the container so that the stems do not fit too tightly against each other. Roses in a vase should be half or two-thirds immersed in water, so it is advisable to select a vessel of optimal volume and shape for the flowers.

    Cut off leaves below the waterline

    Leaf on plant stems not only provides no aesthetic benefit, but can also encourage bacterial growth and cause rot when exposed to water. Therefore, we recommend ruthlessly trim off all green twigs and leaves to keep roses fresh. You can leave a few leaves next to the bud to preserve its beauty. It is also necessary to remove the thorns so that the flower stem becomes perfectly smooth and clean. The stems should be cut under running water to avoid clogging the channels through which the plant absorbs nutrients.

    Give roses the clean cut

    When pruning flowers, you should be especially careful and adhere to certain rules. Our experienced florists recommend cutting the stem with a sharp knife under running water to minimize the plant's contact with air to keep roses alive. After all the flowers have been trimmed, they must be immediately placed in water. It is also important to cut the stem at a sharp angle, as this will increase the area in contact with water and, therefore, improve the absorption of moisture by the flower. With meter roses, as in the flower box "Green Tea Chocolate"  with roses, hydrangea and carnations, it is best not only to prune them. But also to split the stem into several parts to provide them with full access to water to keep roses alive longer.

    Get roses in water and regularly change water

    If you think that simply pouring cold water into a vase is enough to keep roses fresh, you are mistaken. Flowers feel best in settled water at room temperature. In addition, it is recommended to change the water daily, while trimming the stems a couple of centimeters.

    Use “flower food”

    What makes roses last longer? There is a special fertilizer that contains antibacterial substances and essential minerals for plants, providing the best effect. Usually this product can be purchased at the same store where you purchased the simple bouquet “Peachy Ice” with roses and hydrangea. 

    If you can't visit a flower shop, you can use products you have at home to add nutrients to your flowers. You can add a level spoonful of sugar to the water. You can also put a spoonful of vinegar, an aspirin tablet, and a little vodka into the water. But you should remember that if you start giving roses sugar or ascorbic acid, you will need to repeat this every time you change the water, otherwise the rose may become offended and quickly wither.

    Wait to remove guard petals

    How to make roses last longer in a vase? Guard petals are the outer petals on a rose that might be green or brown on the edge, serving as a protective layer for the delicate inner petals. While it may seem tempting to remove them immediately after purchasing the bouquet, it's generally advisable to leave them intact. Removing the guard petals right away might cause the flowers to wilt faster, even if you follow all the other care tips mentioned above. These outer petals act as a shield, protecting the inner petals and helping the rose bloom properly, so it's best to leave them until the flowers have fully opened.

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    As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the recommendations presented, however, following these instructions will significantly extend the freshness of roses after cutting. Now no one will doubt that you choose flowers with care, attention and love.


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