Tulip types in bouquet

    Tulip types in bouquet

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    data published: Jun 10 2024

    data modified: Jun 10 2024

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    Tulips are spring flowers, symbolizing the awakening of nature, the arrival of spring and warmth. They are perhaps one of the most popular flowers that are given to girls and women on the Eighth of March, as well as on other spring days. Even on Valentine's Day, many choose tulip bouquets to please their loved ones with the imminent arrival of spring.

    Tulips are suitable for any occasion, they can be given on a first date, engagement, wedding or anniversary, and also on a birthday. A beautiful bouquet of many tulips will help express love and gratitude, emphasize admiration and respect.

    There are a huge number of species: single late tulips, double, triumph tulips, lily-flowered and parrot tulips. All these types can be found in our flower shop, where you can select and consider each type separately.


    Key takeaways

    • Single late tulips, with their cup-shaped or goblet-shaped flowers, are among the tallest tulip species. They come in a wide range of colors, including rare two-tone varieties.
    • Double tulips are known for their durability, making them an excellent gift choice. The bright, cheerful shades of these tulips enliven any space with light and warmth.
    • Triumph tulips come in a rich palette from pure white to deep black, often with unique patterns.
    • Lily-flowered tulips resemble flaming torches with their pointed, outward-curving petals.
    • Fringed tulips are named for their unique feature: a thin, long fringe on the petal edges.
    • Parrot tulips have a fascinating, unusual appearance with a wide range of shades.

    Single late tulips

    Single late tulips, with cup-shaped or goblet-shaped flowers, are one of the tallest species among all tulips. They are presented in a wide range of colors typical of tulips, including rare two-color options. These late-blooming garden favorites create a stunning display in their variety of shades. A bouquet of 20 red tulips will be the perfect gift for your beloved. Each flower in this bouquet is carefully selected with special love and attention. Such a bouquet not only delights with its beauty, but also fills the space with a charming aroma that will remain in the heart for a long time.

    Bouquets with double tulips

    A bouquet of tulips flower basket "Red Garden" with red tulips is a real feast for the eyes and soul. This bouquet consists of a large number of small red-orange tulips, each of which is like a small spark of joy. Double tulip flower is carefully selected and arranged to create a lush and voluminous impression that always attracts attention and delights.

    We distinguish tulip flower bouquets with double tulips by their durability and durability, which makes the Flower basket "Red Garden" with red tulips bouquet an excellent choice. They are ideal as a gift for any occasion or as a sign of attention and respect to a loved one. The bright and cheerful shade of double tulip bouquet enlivens any space, filling it with light and warmth.

    Bouquets with triumph tulips

    The "Triumph" variety is presented in a rich palette of shades, from pure white to deep black, and can also have a variety of patterns and stripes on the petals. In addition, Triumph tulips are often used to decorate various events, such as:

    • weddings
    • anniversaries
    • corporate celebrations.

    They are popular due to their sophisticated beauty and elegance. Our masterpiece bouquet of 51 white tulips is a bouquet of white tulips that amaze with their natural beauty. Each flower in this bouquet was created by the hands of the best florists and personifies sophistication and purity in every petal. This bouquet will be an ideal decoration for any important event, be it a romantic meeting or a special occasion. Bouquet of 51 white tulips will become a bright accent and add a unique charm to your look.

    Lily-flowered tulips

    The flowers resemble flaming torches. They are easy to distinguish from other types of tulips due to their pointed petals that gracefully curve outward. This diverse collection of tulips comes in a rich palette of rich hues such as white, cream, red, purple, pink, yellow, and many two-tone combinations.

    The flowers are delicate, on strong flowering stems reaching a height of 40-50 cm. Wide bluish-green foliage adds additional luxury. These tulips remain fresh for a long time in water and do not lose their shape. They also give off a wonderful aroma. Bouquets with such tulips will not only decorate your space, but also give joy and freshness every day.

    Fringed tulips in bouquets

    Fringed tulips get their name due to a unique feature - a thin and long fringe on the edges of the petals. This is a distinctive feature of this group of varieties. Fringed tulips look especially impressive when the fringe differs in color from the main shade of the petals. In a bouquet "Red Passion" with tulips, tulips appear as bright inflorescences. The round shape of the flower seems intricate and even evokes caution when touched.

    Parrot tulip bouquets

    Tulips of this variety have a rather unusual appearance, fascinating with their beauty and abundance of shades. This sophisticated and elegant variety looks great in flower beds separately from other species. The juicy, bright, colorful buds of parrot tulips, also known as the "parrot" tulip, have amazing wavy and rugged petals.

    We use these charming flowers in a bouquet of 20 green parrot tulips. You can give it to everyone without exception, because bright and spectacular flowers can please any connoisseur of beauty. This variety is invariably popular among romantic lovers. The exotic beauty of such tulips has long been helping men win the hearts of obstinate beauties. Flowers of this variety are often bought in large mono-bouquets to decorate the interiors of hotels, boutiques, beauty salons, houses, apartments and offices. They look great in a low, transparent vase, creating impressive three-dimensional compositions.

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    Bright, colorful, fresh and juicy, terry and sophisticated, invariably spring - these are the tulips that are available from October to the end of May. These flowers look great in mono-, duo- and trio-bouquets, where they reveal all their beauty. In addition, tulips often add their charm to prefabricated bouquets. Tulip bouquets are dynamic as the tulip continues to grow in the vase, changing the appearance of the bouquet every day, creating the effect of a piece of your own garden. These and other flowers are available in our online store.


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