Flower boxes

    Flower boxes

    Our flower box collection offer a spectacular and elegant way to show your appreciation for the ones you hold dear. With our flower box delivery service, you can envelop your life in blooms as the tides kiss the California shores. We make sending love and elegance with flower boxes special, whether it's a classic "I Love You" box or a stunning 50-rose box.

    What are flower boxes?

    A flower box is not just a regular present; it is a statement. It's a curated spectacle of blossoms meticulously arranged in an elegant box that exudes both grace and style. More than just a bouquet, a flower box is a luxury vessel that delivers emotion and sentiment all around Santa Monica to your loved one's doorstep.

    What does a flower box consist of?

    Our flower boxes are fashioned from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, encapsulating the vibrant blooms within. Available options can range from timeless flower box roses to exotic flora that spells out sophistication

    Advantages of flower boxes

    • Long-lasting beauty. Unlike a traditional bouquet, our flower bouquet box is designed to keep the flowers fresh and radiant for a more extended period.
    • Effortless presentation. When you get flowers delivered in a box in Santa Monica, you don't have to worry about using a vase or finding a place to put them. The box itself is like a beautiful decoration that you can easily show off and enjoy.
    • Customization. From pink roses flower box to vintage blue roses flower box, our diverse selection allows you to choose the perfect floral arrangement that aligns with your sentiments.
    • Convenience. Opt for our luxury flower box delivery and experience the unparalleled ease of gifting right at your fingertips.

    Roses flower box

    The eternal allure of roses has been a symbol of love and elegance since time immemorial. At Bloom Boom Shop, we bring this charm to life through our curated flower box roses. Every box is a special way to show love, created to express deep feelings that words sometimes can't quite describe, using the beauty of roses. Familiarize yourself with a wide range of roses available in Bloom Boom Shop. Discover your options regarding color, sizes and many more. 

    Occasions best suited for rose flower boxes

    We have different rose boxes for different occasions. For romance, we have red roses, for special events like anniversaries or Mother's Day, we have pink ones. If you want to make a big impression, you can choose our 50-rose box for weddings, engagements, or milestone anniversaries.

    We know that one style doesn't fit all when it comes to showing love and respect. Our collection has a wide range of colors, from classic reds and pinks to unique ones like blue, which you can find in our vintage blue rose box.

    Tulip flower box

    In the midst of our beautiful flower selection, our tulip flower box brings a touch of simple elegance. These flowers represent the youthful energy of Santa Monica, and their vibrant colors make them a stylish choice for a unique gift, different from the usual flowers. Despite the widespread myth that tulips look quite simple, Bloom Boom is prepared to showcase the vast array of tulip colors and varieties available.

    Occasions best suited for tulip flower boxes

    Tulips are great for many occasions. Whether it's a birthday, a job celebration, or just cheering someone up, a tulip flower box brings joy and goodwill. They're especially nice for welcoming spring and new beginnings.

    At Bloom Boom Shop in sunny Los Angeles, we love personalizing your flower box. Whether you want a simple design or a burst of colors, we make sure your box is as special as your feelings. Our tulip flower boxes capture the spirit of California's endless spring. Discover the best in flower gifts and enjoy having so many choices.

    Peonies flower box

    Experience romantic beauty and luxury with our peonies flower box. These gorgeous flowers represent the elegance and relaxed luxury of Santa Monica, and they are a special part of our flower box collection. Known for their big petals and sweet scent, peonies are a classic symbol of grace made modern. So, when you give someone a peonies flower box, you're not just giving flowers; you're telling them they're really special and awesome! Check out our assortment to find peonies to suit your taste.

    Occasions best suited for peony flower boxes

    Peonies are perfect for special moments in life such as an anniversary, a bridal shower, or birthday. Peonies are the right choice for a gift. They're especially loved in the spring and early summer, making each flower box a special memory of their beauty. At Bloom Boom Shop you can choose from a range of colors, like white, coral, and soft pink, to make your peony flower box unique.

    How does flower box delivery from Bloom Boom works?

    At Bloom Boom Shop, we deliver luxury flower bouquets through our online service. We respect the busy life of Los Angeles and bring you beautiful flower boxes every day from 9 AM to 8 PM. If you order before 2 PM, you can enjoy getting your flower box delivered on the same day, allowing you to send your love right away.

    For those in the immediate vicinity of our Santa Monica location, enjoy complimentary delivery up to 3 miles. Beyond that, we offer tiered pricing to make your flower-in-a-box delivery as effortless as a Pacific breeze: 

    • $9.95 for distances from 3 to 7 miles; 
    • $1.25 per mile from 7 to 15 miles; 
    • $1.5 per mile for 15 to 25 miles;
    • $2 per mile for distances exceeding 25 miles. 

    Rest assured, shipping costs are calculated transparently at checkout, making it easy for you to choose the best flower box delivery option for your needs.

    Benefits of buying flower boxes online on Bloom Boom

    When you buy your flower box online from Bloom Boom Shop, it's not just shopping; it's like entering a world of luxurious flowers and easy California-style convenience. Here are some things that make us stand out in the world of flower boxes in Los Angeles.

    Effortless shopping experience

    Browse our curated catalog of luxurious flower arrangements from the comfort of your home. There is no need to battle LA traffic; we bring the Bloom Boom experience to you.

    Unmatched customization

    Whether you're enamored by flower box roses or captivated by our array of seasonal blooms, we offer unparalleled customization options. Tailor the size, flower variety, and even the box itself to create a gift as unique as the person receiving it.

    Punctual and reliable delivery

    Our box flower delivery is as dependable as the California sun. We offer various delivery options to suit your needs, ensuring that your floral gift arrives in pristine condition right when you want it to.

    Expertly curated selection

    We're experts in making beautiful flower arrangements. Every flower box we make is like a work of art, crafted with a lot of care and skill. Our designs capture the natural beauty and relaxed luxury of Santa Monica.

    Bloom Boom Shop’s flower boxes will turn your feelings into beautiful flower arrangements, delivered right to your doorstep in Los Angeles without any hassle.