Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year

    Welcome to Bloom Boom's special catalog for Chinese New Year flower delivery in Los Angeles. Discover our exquisite range of flowers for Chinese New Year, perfect for celebrating this vibrant festival. Choose from traditional red flowers for Chinese New Year, symbolizing prosperity and joy. Our selection includes lucky flowers for Chinese New Year, like peonies and diverse, fragrant orchids. Find popular flowers for Chinese New Year, such as chrysanthemums and seasonal blooms. Each Chinese New Year bouquet is crafted with care and elegance. Let Bloom Boom add a burst of color and good fortune to your celebrations with our Chinese New Year flower arrangements.

    What flowers are the best for the Chinese New Year?

    Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Los Angeles with Bloom Boom's specially curated selection of flowers. Our range includes traditional Chinese New Year flowers that bring luck and prosperity. Each bloom is carefully chosen for its symbolism and vibrant colors. From purple flowers for Chinese New Year to delicate yellow flowers, we have it all. Let these flowers add meaning and beauty to your festivities.

    • Peonies. Known as the king of flowers, peonies symbolize riches, honor, and high social status. Suitable in coral and rich burgundy shades.
    • Orchids. Elegant orchids for Chinese New Year represent fertility, abundance, and refinement. They come in various vibrant colors.
    • Chrysanthemums. Longevity and vitality are symbolized by chrysanthemums for Chinese New Year. Available in bright yellows and gold.
    • Narcissus. Symbolizing good fortune and prosperity, narcissus for Chinese New Year, also known as daffodils, are often displayed in homes.
    • Peach Blossoms. These represent growth, prosperity, and renewal. Peach blossoms for Chinese New Year are usually vibrant pink.
    • Bamboo. A symbol of strength and flexibility, bamboo is often included in Chinese New Year flower arrangements.

    Choose these flowers to bring traditional symbolism and color to your Chinese New Year celebration. Bloom Boom provides admiration and support for every celebration dear to the Santa Monica community. Be it Christmas bouquets or Chinese New Year flower arrangements, our selection is complete. 

    Choose a bouquet for Chinese New Year from our collection

    Celebrate Chinese New Year with a stunning bouquet from our Bloom Boom collection. Choose from a variety of Chinese New Year flower bouquets, each vibrant and full of life. Our bouquets feature the freshest yellow flowers for Chinese New Year, symbolizing good fortune and joy. This season, our bouquets are also enriched with tulips at their peak blooming period, adding a touch of elegance and freshness.

    Make your celebration memorable with our Chinese New Year flower delivery in Los Angeles. Order now and bring the festive spirit of Chinese New Year into your home or as a gift to loved ones. Our fast and reliable service ensures your Chinese New Year bouquet arrives fresh and on time. Bring prosperity and happiness into the New Year with Bloom Boom's exquisite flower arrangements.

    Buy Chinese New Year flowers in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and nearby areas

    Looking for Chinese New Year flowers in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or nearby areas? Bloom Boom has you covered. We deliver beautifully crafted Chinese New Year bouquets right to your doorstep. Whether you're near the Santa Monica Pier, strolling down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, or anywhere in between, our delivery service ensures your floral needs are met promptly and with care. Our service extends to neighborhoods like Venice Beach, Malibu, and West Hollywood, bringing the festive spirit of the New Year to every corner.

    Why not choose roses for your Chinese New Year flower arrangement? Roses, especially red ones, symbolize prosperity, happiness, and new beginnings, making them a perfect choice for this celebration. Place your order with Bloom Boom now and celebrate the Chinese New Year with a touch of elegance and tradition. Our efficient Chinese New Year flower delivery in the Los Angeles area promises to make your festival vibrant and memorable.

    How does the Chinese New Year bouquet delivery from Bloom Boom work?

    Bloom Boom makes getting your Chinese New Year flower delivery a smooth and easy experience. Begin by choosing from our diverse range of exclusively stylish bouquets and flower arrangements. Next, place your order online with ease. We cater to the vibrant Los Angeles region, guaranteeing timely delivery of your celebratory flowers.

    Our delivery service operates between 9 AM and 8 PM. For those urgent, last-minute needs, order by 2 PM to benefit from same-day Chinese New Year flower delivery. In Santa Monica, enjoy complimentary delivery for locations within a 3-mile radius. Delivery charges for further distances are as follows:

    • $9.95 for areas 3 to 7 miles away.
    • $1.25 for each mile from 7 to 15 miles.
    • $1.5 per mile for distances between 15 and 25 miles.
    • $2 per mile for destinations beyond 25 miles.

    During checkout, all delivery fees are clearly displayed for a straightforward and hassle-free process. Whether you're located in Santa Monica or in the surrounding areas, Bloom Boom is committed to ensuring your Chinese New Year bouquet arrives effortlessly and reliably.