Just because flowers - how to spread joy with one bouquet

    Just because flowers - how to spread joy with one bouquet

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 10 2024

    data modified: Jun 10 2024

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    What do girls remember the longest? Resentments, quarrels, harsh words? Of course, this too, but they also “remember ungiven roses for a long time.” This phrase accurately conveys the attitude of women towards flowers and towards men who believe that giving flowers to their loved ones is not at all necessary. Perhaps women themselves deny that they like to receive flowers, considering it unimportant. However, deep down, even the coldest, most powerful and decisive woman wants to remain feminine, tender and vulnerable. And what, if not flower bouquets, are a symbol of this femininity and beauty? Especially when it's just because flowers.


    Key takeaways

    • "Just because" bouquets highlight spontaneity and romance, creating joy without needing a special occasion.
    • They uplift spirits, express closeness despite distance, and remind loved ones of your feelings.
    • Bouquets can range from single sunflowers to lush compositions, each telling its own story.
    • Adding gifts or personal messages enhances the thoughtful gesture.
    • Ideal for friends or loved ones, these flowers show appreciation and brighten any day.

    What are “just because” bouquets?

    What are just because flowers? Imagine the situation. On an ordinary weekday evening, an inspired guy bursts into a flower shop and boldly orders a basket of tulips of all shades. The florist asks with a smile: “For what reason?” "Well, I buy her flowers just because!" - the client winks, receives the treasured basket and rushes with it further on business. Some girl is in for a surprise today, because her active young man does not accept convention and is ready to please his chosen one even without a reason.

    Just because flowers and gifts are spontaneous, a good friend of romance and friendship. Sudden decisions often turn out to be interesting. As a token of affection, flowers are a universal choice, especially when given as a gift.

    Message you can send with just because flowers

    A single sunflower flower, a classic mono-bouquet of scarlet roses, a box with delicate primroses, a lush composition of orchids and other exotics - each bouquet tells its own story and emphasizes the best qualities of the recipient. When choosing a composition for a gift for no reason, ask yourself the question “what just because flowers message do they have?” This will be decisive for choosing a bouquet.

    A “just like that” bouquet is a wonderful way to please:

    • To cheer up if a girl or mother is bored, sick, or tired at school/work.
    • Express closeness, especially when you are apart for a long time, and you want to emphasize your closeness despite the distances.
    • Remind you of the brightness of feelings when relationships are going well and calmly.
    • Respond to the hint “they haven’t given me flowers for a long time.”
    • Surprise with attentiveness or an original approach.
    • Wish the recipient good luck in his new endeavors.

    The flower arrangement can be complemented by a certificate, a toy, or any other gift that suits the situation and personality of the recipient.

    Best just because flowers for girlfriend

    Do you want to please your loved one or remind her of your feelings? Give her flowers. Even the most practical girl will be delighted with the luxurious Simple bouquet "Lavender Raf" with hydrangea and rose. A reason for a gift is not required - on the contrary, a surprise without a reason becomes even more pleasant and exciting.

    The Simple bouquet "Lavender Raf" with hydrangea and rose is a real work of art, where tenderness is combined with style. Hand-picked roses in a variety of shades of pink—from warm pastel to vibrant fuchsia—create a soft and inviting look. These flowers are arranged in such a way that they form an abundant and lush floral cloud, pleasing the eye with its beauty and sophistication. To receive such a bouquet means to feel the full attention and warmth from your loved one.

    Best just because flowers for wife

    Not everyone likes red roses. Some prefer garden daisies, delicate peonies, iridescent gypsophila or graceful tulips. With a little imagination, you can choose a bouquet that will delight your wife.

    It is also worth thinking about the number of flowers. If one red rose is suitable for a first date, then for the wife whom you have known, loved and appreciated for a long time, it is better to order a luxurious Bouquet "Red Passion" with tulips. This will show your loved one how important she is to you.

    Just because flowers for a friend

    Giving flowers to your girlfriends is an obligatory gesture: it lifts the mood, expresses gratitude and serves as a compliment to both a woman and a person. In our product catalog you can find almost any flowers: alstroemeria, freesia, hydrangea, tulips and peonies. These magnificent plants are available to order all year round.

    When choosing a bouquet for a friend, you should pay attention to small compositions of different types of flowers. Romantic people will definitely like roses in combination with small bush branches. Lovers of pleasant aromas will appreciate bouquets of fragrant and sophisticated lilies. The flower box “Spring Waltz” with roses and calla is a symbol of refined taste and natural beauty, ideal for demonstrating your attention and respect. Sophisticated girls will prefer orchids. Fans of the exotic will be delighted with a small bouquet ”Ocean Breeze” with roses and hydrangea. Each flower in such a composition will carry its own meaning, making the gift to your friend not only beautiful, but also meaningful.

    It's always nice for a friend to receive an unexpected gift. You can arrange this in just a couple of minutes using our delivery service.

    Order just because flowers for loved ones from Bloom Boom in Los Angeles

    Ordering and sending flowers just because? Here's how Bloom Boom makes it simple. We deliver daily from 9 AM to 8 PM throughout the Los Angeles area. For same-day just because friend bouquet delivery, just place your order by 2 PM.

    If you're near our Santa Monica shop, enjoy free delivery within a 3-mile radius. For longer distances, we have a straightforward delivery fee structure, ensuring transparency at checkout.

    Choose the perfect "just because" bouquet for your wife, girlfriend, or close friend, and let Bloom Boom handle the rest. Our seamless delivery service ensures your thoughtful gesture arrives right on time.


    Today, thanks to the Internet, you can order bouquets with delivery and thereby delight your loved ones. The main thing is not to forget that in order to give flowers, you don’t have to wait for a reason.


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