Flower Bar

    Every Sunday, between 11 am and 2 pm, the vibrant heart of Los Angeles is transformed into a hub of creativity and floral beauty as Bloom Boom Florist Boutique opens its doors for captivating flower workshops. At Bloom Boom, we're passionate about sharing the art of floristry with enthusiasts of all levels.


    Led by our skilled florists, these workshops offer an immersive experience where you can explore the world of flowers, from selecting the freshest blooms to mastering the techniques of arrangement.

    Take the opportunity to bring your bestie or your loved one and share in the joy of creating something beautiful together. Discover the magic of flower arranging with Bloom Boom Florist Boutique and unlock your creative potential. Don't miss your chance to be part of this enchanting experience!

    About Us

    We are a premier floral boutique dedicated to offering the finest and most exquisite floral arrangements for every significant moment - ranging from daily surprises to unforgettable wedding celebrations.

    Our expanding team consists of gifted designers who share a profound passion for crafting stunning, ethereal, garden-inspired floral compositions that add a touch of elegance and wonder to festivities, regardless of their scale.

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