What is flower bar?

    What is flower bar?

    Alena Nyrkova

    My name is Alena and I am the creator of the flower business Bloom Boom. My main passion is to create beautiful and aesthetic compositions. I believe in the power of flowers and their ability to evoke emotions and add beauty to people's lives. Each flower I choose has a role to play in creating a story that inspires joy and gratitude in people. I am proud that my business helps people express their feelings and create unforgettable experiences in special moments of their lives. Weddings, anniversaries, holidays - I create flower arrangements that become symbols of love, hope and joy.

    data published: Jul 08 2024

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    Do you know about flower bars? This is not just an event - it is an exciting creative journey in which you become a florist for the whole day! Imagine: a stunning assortment of flowers laid out like a buffet, waiting for you to select and assemble your unique floral masterpiece.


    Key takeaways

    • Discover Bloom Boom's flower bar in Los Angeles for a unique, creative experience with a variety of flowers.
    • Add a special touch to your event with our flower bar pop-up, perfect for any celebration.
    • Join our flower workshops every Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm at Bloom Boom Florist Boutique.
    • For $45, enjoy a day of floristry with guided arrangement, a photo zone, and a fun atmosphere.
    • Rent our Bloom Boom flower bar for private events to make every celebration joyful and unforgettable.
    • Transform your Sunday with our engaging and inspiring flower bar workshops at Bloom Boom.
    • Elevate your bridal shower with bespoke floral arrangements guided by our expert florists.
    • Make your baby shower memorable as guests create their own floral masterpieces.
    • Customize your flower bar to suit your event theme, with options for delivery and additional hours.

    Meet flower bar from Bloom Boom in Los Angeles

    Imagine the joy of meeting us at our exquisite white flower stand, which is filled with a variety of flowers to spark your flower bar bridal shower creativity. The orange buckets will be filled with fresh and delicious flowers, ready for you to pick and create your own floral masterpiece with flower bar ideas.

    Flowers in your bar

    Looking to add a unique touch to your next event? Our flower bar pop-up is the ideal activity for bridal showers, baby showers, wedding receptions, birthdays, or any special occasion. The standard package includes around 110 individual stems of flowers and greenery, allowing your group to create 15-20 mini bouquets of 5-7 stems each. Flowers will be sourced directly from our shop, depending on availability and seasonality.

    Flower bar locations and duration

    Every Sunday, from 11 am to 2 pm, Bloom Boom Florist Boutique in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles hosts captivating flower workshops. These workshops, led by our skilled florists, offer an immersive experience where participants can explore the art of floristry, from selecting the freshest blooms to mastering arrangement techniques.

    Flowers bar pricing

    Join us for a fun and creative day surrounded by beautiful flowers. The ticket price of $45 includes the cost for the arrangement (5-7 stems), florist guidance, a great atmosphere, a photo zone, and lots of fun with a blossom flower bar. Don't miss out on this opportunity to let your creativity bloom!

    Rent flower bar for your event

    Our Bloom Boom flower bar is ideal for a variety of private events, bringing joy and creativity to birthdays, baby showers, corporate events and more. Regardless of the type of celebration, we strive to make it unforgettable and joyful for every guest. We want them to remember every moment of your celebration.

    Sunday’s flower bar

    Transform your Sunday into a creative floral experience with our flower bar near me at Bloom Boom. Perfect for any casual or special occasion, our workshops are designed to engage and inspire flower enthusiasts of all levels. Get ready to mix and match your favorite blooms to create a stunning floral arrangement.

    Flower bar for bridal shower

    Elevate your bridal shower with our flower bar, where guests can hand-select blooms and create bespoke arrangements. Guided by our expert florists, this activity adds a touch of sophistication and beauty to the celebration. This hands-on bridal shower flower bar experience is perfect for a bridal shower.

    Flower bar for baby shower

    Make your baby shower unforgettable with our flower bar. Guests will love crafting their own floral arrangements, adding a personal and beautiful touch to the event. Your baby's gender reveal party will remain in the heart of every guest.

    Flower bar personalization

    Personalize your flower bar stand to match the theme and style of your event. Our team will help lead your guests in creating 20-25 individually crafted small bouquets, using a variety of flowers, greenery, and fillers. The standard duration for the flower bar is 3 hours, with each additional hour available at $75. Delivery is free within West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, with a $4 charge for each additional mile.

    Make your event special with flower bar from Bloom Boom

    Book your Bloom Boom flower bar today and immerse yourself in a world of floral delights. Let your imagination run wild as you create unique bouquets among the exquisite beauty of our flower cart and flower buckets. This unique experience will give you unforgettable memories and a magnificent bouquet that will delight you for a long time.

    • Availability. Our flower bar is available for purchase according to your needs.
    • Order Minimum. The minimum order for the flower bar station is 15 guests.
    • Display. Each flower bar includes display vases and bud vases for guests to take home.
    • Selection. The flower bar features a "Growers Choice of Flowers and Varieties," meaning the buckets are filled with the best blooms available in our shop, offering mixed colors and shapes for beautiful seasonal arrangements.
    • Payment. Due upon ordering, with confirmation of the pick-up date and time via email.

    For those looking to create a flower bouquet bar using their own vases and displays, our party bucket options are available. Please visit our bulk blooms page for more information. 

    Note: Summer heat can affect flower freshness, so ensure proper storage in a cool room. We guarantee fresh, healthy blooms, but are not responsible for any damage after pick-up.


    With our Bloom Boom Bar experience, you have the opportunity to create floral arrangements that reflect your unique style and mood. Whether you want a bright splash of flowers or a more subtle and elegant bouquet, we have everything you need with a selection of fresh flowers in a variety of types and shades. 

    Our experienced florists will assist you every step of the way to ensure every guest leaves with a stunning, hand-picked and professionally packaged bouquet. Embrace the charm of our flower bar party and make your event unforgettable with Bloom Boom's beautiful and personalized floral arrangements.


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