How does flower subscription work with Bloom Boom?

    How does flower subscription work with Bloom Boom?

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 03 2024

    data modified: Jun 03 2024

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    For a number of years now, the flower subscription service has been hugely popular. If you've never heard of it or have heard of it but never ventured to try it, then our article is for you! Today, we're going to tell you about all the benefits and bonuses of a floral subscription with Bloom Boom flower store! 

    Subscribing to our bouquets is the most convenient way to receive fresh flowers on a regular basis and pamper yourself with pleasantly scented and aesthetically pleasing bouquets. Choose weekly or monthly delivery depending on your preferences and enjoy roses, daisies, or hydrangeas all year round while saving your family budget.


    Key takeaways

    • Bloom Boom offers personalized floral bouquets delivered weekly or monthly, saving up to 40% with free delivery.
    • Enjoy the freshest seasonal flowers like roses, anemones, and hydrangeas, carefully selected for each bouquet.
    • Flexible subscription options allow for easy customization and adjustments to suit your preferences.
    • Experience the convenience of regular flower deliveries, perfect for gifting or self-care.
    • Embrace sustainability with thoughtfully sourced blooms, arriving in recyclable packaging for a guilt-free floral experience.

    What is a flower subscription?

    Bloom Boom flower delivery subscriptions are perfect for keeping your home or office beautiful. At Bloom Boom, we provide a flower subscription service that involves periodic delivery of personalized floral bouquets to a location of your choice. You choose one of the two available packages weekly or monthly delivery, and we make sure that unique bouquet compositions please you regularly.

    Our flower subscription service offers access to exclusive bouquets created from the finest seasonal flowers, saving you up to 40% and providing free delivery. You can change recipients, bouquets, and delivery dates as you see fit, and easily skip orders if you need to.

    Why is a bouquet subscription beneficial for you?

    Our signature bouquets feature the freshest and most beautiful seasonal flowers such as roses, anemones, ranunculus, lilies and hydrangeas, selected by us according to our design philosophy. We work in harmony with nature to ensure your Flower subscription "Blossom Delight" bouquet has only the finest stems, and although the composition may change with the season, the quality, and style always remain the same.

    Want to turn flower arranging into your new way of taking care of yourself? Choose fresh flower subscription and get these benefits:

    • Recurring subscription price: $250, $300, $350, $400, $450, $500. 
    • Receive fresh weekly flower subscription, bi-weekly or monthly and choose from two new bouquets each time. 
    • Subscribe today and get up to 40% off all flowers in the collection. 
    • Flowers stay fresher longer because they're shipped directly from our organic farms. 
    • Flexible and customizable subscriptions - set up once and we do the rest, or choose the bouquet, recipient and date for each delivery. 
    • Ability to skip or cancel at any time. 
    • Your happiness is our priority. That's why a flower bouquet subscription guarantees the freshness and beauty of each bouquet, bringing joy to your life with each new delivery.

    Flower subscription services from Bloom Boom in Los Angeles

    The best flower subscription from Bloom Boom Shop is a great choice for a gift. Choose a 3 or 6 month subscription, and we'll deliver flowers to you as you wish - weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This is a popular option for any occasion, and you can always customize it to your preferences. 

    If you need to add a note or send pet-safe flowers, we're happy to do so. Giving the gift of joy to your mom, spouse, or girlfriend will become easier with our regular flower delivery. If the recipient will be away, they can always contact us to change the subscription. Need to add a heartfelt card to the first package? No problem. We're here to give you all the flexibility you need to make your experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

    Weekly flower subscription

    A weekly or bi-weekly delivery also includes a variety of mixed arrangements, like flower subscription consisting of 25-27 stems in each bouquet. We have a variety of options to suit all tastes, starting with the most affordable $250 subscriptions. All of our subscriptions include carefully selected bouquets and plants to match the latest trends and styles. 

    Monthly flower subscription

    A cheap monthly flower subscription gives you the opportunity to choose from our exclusive, high quality and luxurious mixed bouquets, each consisting of 22-32 flower stems, like Flower subscription "Eternal Beauty". Place your request once, and receive fresh flowers at the frequency of your choice. In doing so, you save up to 40% on flower bouquets. Whether you choose a weekly or monthly flower subscription, we guarantee that our product will always meet your expectations and needs.

    Subscribe for flower delivery in Los Angeles

    Our meticulous collaboration with top-tier growers both domestically and internationally ensures that each week brings forth a unique, meticulously crafted floral ensemble, reflecting the essence of the season.

    Embracing sustainability, our blooms are thoughtfully packaged in fully recyclable containers, arriving in bud form, awaiting your personal touch for arrangement. Customize your floral subscription to suit your rhythm, with the flexibility to pause, skip, or terminate at any time via our user-friendly flower calendar.


    Bloom Boom flower shop cares deeply about your mood, comfort, and sense of coziness. Introducing our convenient service: flower subscription near me. It’s a seamless delivery of fresh blooms straight to your doorstep, whether weekly or monthly. Want your home, office, hotel, or restaurant always adorned with vibrant flowers? You can discuss and tailor the bouquet styles with our skilled florists to match your preferences perfectly.


    Bloom Boom’s express delivery: sending last-minute blooms
    Bloom Boom’s express delivery: sending last-minute blooms

    No time to personally choose flowers for your loved ones or coworkers? Do not worry!...

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