7 reasons you need floral design for your event

    7 reasons you need floral design for your event

    Alena Nyrkova

    My name is Alena and I am the creator of the flower business Bloom Boom. My main passion is to create beautiful and aesthetic compositions. I believe in the power of flowers and their ability to evoke emotions and add beauty to people's lives. Each flower I choose has a role to play in creating a story that inspires joy and gratitude in people. I am proud that my business helps people express their feelings and create unforgettable experiences in special moments of their lives. Weddings, anniversaries, holidays - I create flower arrangements that become symbols of love, hope and joy.

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    Thoughtful decor is an integral part of a beautiful holiday, creating a unique atmosphere and emphasizing the importance of the event. The most elegant and festive decoration includes compositions of fresh flowers and greenery. Floral design can turn a banquet hall or restaurant into a fairy-tale garden, and a formal conference hall for corporate events into a cozy space conducive to communication. Here are some reasons why it is important to decorate holidays and events with floral decorations.


    Key takeaways

    • Flowers can significantly uplift your mood and evoke positive emotions, as they help release endorphins that make you feel content and happy.
    • Flowers create a calming atmosphere, reduce anxiety and stress levels, and improve blood circulation and air quality.
    • Bright and thematic floral decorations enhance the atmosphere of any celebration, immersing guests in joy and fun.
    • Floral arrangements set the tone for events, adding sophistication and interest, while their seasonal selection brings freshness.
    • Unique floral arrangements serve as excellent photo backdrops, encouraging guests to share pictures on social media.
    • Custom floral arrangements match the seasons, making events feel harmonious and atmospheric with appropriate seasonal flowers.

    Improve your mood

    Floral design Los Angeles can significantly improve your mood and evoke positive emotions, reminding you of important events such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. It is known that flowers have a positive effect on people's emotional state and mood. Caring for and interacting with flowers releases endorphins, a substance that makes us feel content and happy.

    However, it is significant to understand that not all plants have the same effect on every person. Everyone has their own temperament, so the reaction to specific flowers will be different. For example, people who often experience stress and depression may benefit from sage, which has a relaxing effect. The presence of chamomile in the house helps to better combat insomnia.

    We should not forget that flowers of different shades have different effects on people:

    • The color yellow evokes joy, confidence, and optimism.
    • Blue helps you calm down and relax.
    • Green gives a feeling of peace and harmony, relieves fatigue.
    • Purple has a positive effect on mental activity and reduces the level of nervous tension.
    • Pink gives a positive mood.

    Reduce stress and improved physiological state

    Numerous studies confirm that floral design events have a strong calming effect, reducing the risk of stress. The presence of flowers in the house or area has a positive effect on our physical health. Flowers contribute to:

    • improving blood circulation;
    • lowering blood pressure;
    • reducing anxiety;
    • reducing stress levels.

    Due to their beauty and attractiveness, flowers create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in the interior. The presence of flowers in the room helps to slow down the pace of life, calm down and switch to a more measured rhythm. A cozy atmosphere created with the help of event flower design allows you to relax and feel happy. Many plants have properties that help cope with insomnia and stress.

    Flowers also help restore strength after a hard day, relieve fatigue and aggression, and improve mood. In addition, flowers and indoor plants are sources of oxygen, improving air quality and releasing a pleasant aroma. Some plants are able to purify the air from toxins and harmful substances emitted by modern furniture and finishing materials.

    Create a festive atmosphere

    The emotional component is the basis of any holiday. The brighter and more interesting the decor, the faster guests are immersed in an atmosphere of joy and fun. Flowers help create an environment filled with color and vitality. Flowers with bright shades such as pink, red, blue or yellow are especially good, giving the interior a chic look. Different holidays have their own color symbolism - Easter, New Year, Birthday, Valentine's Day, September 1st. Each of these holidays has its own traditions in the choice of flowers, their shades and compositions, which enhances the atmosphere of the event.

    There are also themed bouquets that reflect the essence of the holiday. An experienced florist will always offer original ideas for decorating bouquets for certain celebrations, and advise which flowers and their combinations are suitable for an anniversary, wedding or anniversary. He will also give recommendations on creating bouquets that will correspond to family traditions. Some colors have special symbolic meanings: white is associated with purity and innocence, red with love and passion, and golden with wealth and prosperity. On Valentine's Day, people often buy unusual and beautiful flowers to pleasantly surprise their soulmate.

    • Orchids. Due to their unusual and sophisticated appearance, orchids are often used to decorate Valentine's Day. Their unique inflorescences create a special atmosphere.
    • Blue eustoma. This flower is considered feminine, so it is ideal for interior decor where you want to take a girl on a date for Valentine's Day.
    • Alstroemerias. Symbolizing friendship and love, alstroemerias are perfect for Valentine's Day decorations. These flowers make lush and original compositions.

    Define the event and decorate the space

    Flowers are a great way to add special charm to your event and create a cozy atmosphere. They can make your space more sophisticated and add interest to any interior. Size, color, shape and especially their placement in the room can set the tone for your event, while using seasonal flowers will add freshness and life to the event. Floral arrangements play a key role in the success of an event. 

    However, with such a wide range of colors to choose from, choosing the most suitable ones can be difficult. It is important to carefully consider the shape and style of your arrangements as they will create the overall look, tone and ambiance of your event. It is also worth considering their symbolism. For example, yellow flowers are often used for grand openings as they symbolize success and fame.

    Instagram-worthy visual appeal

    In the age of social media, visual appeal is key and unique event floral design is made for photo shoots. From the choice of flowers to the style of arrangement, these bouquets are specifically designed to attract attention.

    Custom designed floral arrangements make excellent photo backdrops, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any event photos. They're more than just decor, they're real conversation starters that encourage guests to share their photos on social media. Whether it's a selfie in front of a flower wall at a wedding or a snapshot of an original arrangement at a corporate event, these flowers are meant to be displayed, appreciated and shared everywhere.

    Easy to choose floral decoration regardless of the season

    Individually created event flower arrangement perfectly matches the seasons. Just like we change our wardrobe depending on the season, flowers are also chosen according to the current season, which makes them even more special.

    In spring, everything looks fresh and new. Popular at this time of year are tulips and daffodils, which come in bright hues such as yellow and pink, reminiscent of Easter eggs. If you are hosting a spring party, these flowers will bring the feeling of spring to your home, filling it with joy.

    In the summer, when everything is warm and bright, sunflowers and zinnias take the stage, as if smiling at the sun. Summer birthday or pool party? These flowers will create an atmosphere of a sunny holiday, as if summer was just for you.

    In fall, as the leaves begin to fall, the flowers turn cozy shades of orange and red. Marigolds and chrysanthemums make any space feel warm and cozy, like a hug on a cool day.

    Even winter has its own flower symbols. Think red poinsettias and white camellias that look like Christmas morning. These flowers are ideal for creating a festive mood during the cold season.

    Thus, custom flower arrangements are ideal for any time of year, making your events harmonious and atmospheric, creating a perfect match between the appearance and the interior content.

    Flowers create a cozy atmosphere for guests

    Please note that at the entrance to any establishment there are often flowers on both sides of the doorway. Placing floral arrangements at the entrance of a room is great for welcoming event guests. Therefore, in famous hotels and resorts you can often see fresh flowers at the entrance, which warmly greet visitors. Their scent and the positive atmosphere created by flowers easily make guests and visitors feel special and revitalized.

    Order event flower arrangement in Los Angeles

    Whatever your occasion, our premium collection of bouquets captures the essence of each special occasion. Handcrafted by the finest florists in Los Angeles, we create our flower design to make every event truly memorable. We deliver in Los Angeles daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Orders placed before 5:00 pm can be shipped the same day. Shipping costs are calculated based on the address at checkout. Free delivery within 5 miles.


    Floral design for your event is not just a collection of flowers. These include personalized expressions, themed accents, thoughtful gestures, seasonally adaptable decorations and visually impressive elements for any event or occasion. They are able to convey emotions without words, improve the atmosphere and preserve memories of happiness on their petals.

    Therefore, when you are planning an event or thinking about a gift, remember that floral design can not only change the mood of your guests, but also make your holiday an unforgettable experience. Make a statement, show you care, and leave a lasting impression.


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