7 expert tips for choosing the perfect romantic rose bouquet

    7 expert tips for choosing the perfect romantic rose bouquet

    Alena Nyrkova

    My name is Alena and I am the creator of the flower business Bloom Boom. My main passion is to create beautiful and aesthetic compositions. I believe in the power of flowers and their ability to evoke emotions and add beauty to people's lives. Each flower I choose has a role to play in creating a story that inspires joy and gratitude in people. I am proud that my business helps people express their feelings and create unforgettable experiences in special moments of their lives. Weddings, anniversaries, holidays - I create flower arrangements that become symbols of love, hope and joy.

    data published: May 24 2024

    data modified: Jul 08 2024

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    What is the perfect bouquet? Which flowers to choose to make someone's holiday special? Even the simplest gift, such as a bouquet of flowers, requires special attention. The right bouquet can convey the warmth of your feelings, give a piece of your soul and tell you about your passion. All the little things are important in this business - size, design, and colors of flowers. That's why we have collected 7 important tips on how to choose the right romantic gift box bouquet that will be brighter than a thousand words.


    1. How to choose a romantic rose bouquet?
    2. Best rose bouquets for her
    3. Choose rose bouquets for him
    4. Romantic rose bouquets for a first date
    5. Rose bouquets for birthday and anniversary
    6. Rose bouquets for Valentine’s Day
    7. Roses delivery for loved ones with Bloom Boom

    Key takeaways

    • Consider the characteristics of the recipient. Gender, age and social status are important when choosing a gift.
    • Round bouquets symbolize harmony and are ideal for weddings, birthdays and romantic events.
    • Vertical compositions with long stems are suitable for business gifts and congratulations to men or women with respect.
    • The more contrasting and brighter the bouquet, the weightier the occasion should be.
    • Proper wrapping of the bouquet can emphasize its beauty, adding elegance and sophistication.

    How to choose a romantic rose bouquet?

    Choosing a gift should take into account the gender, age and social status of the recipient. Also of importance is the composition of the bouquet, since not every flower is suitable for every holiday.

    Lightness and ease characterize simple field flowers. They are ideal for ordinary days. For solemn events, it is better to choose something more refined. Weddings, anniversaries, and banquets are usually decorated in a certain color scheme, and bouquets should match this style.

    Want to give something exotic? Consider orchids, anthuriums, or strelitzias. And for a declaration of love on Valentine's Day, there's nothing better than fragrant and velvety roses. But what else do you need to know?

    Choose fresh flowers

    Choose flowers with lush and strong buds. Look carefully at the stems and leaves, both those above and under the water. Pay attention to the fragrance - it should be pleasant.

    Bouquet symbolic

    When choosing a bouquet for a certain occasion, remember what its shape symbolizes:

    • Round red rose bouquets symbolize harmony. Ideal for weddings, birthdays and romantic events.
    • Vertical compositions - slender shape with long-stemmed flowers. Suitable for business bouquets and congratulations of men or ladies with respect.
    • Asymmetrical bouquets - original and dynamic, symbolizing unconventionality. Composed of different colors, greenery and decorative elements. Ideal for creative people and informal events.
    • Cascade bouquets - a luxurious and spectacular form, imbued with romance. Perfect for weddings, Valentine's Day and March 8.
    • Biedermeier - domed, lush bouquets with clear symmetry, consisting of several rows of different colors. Suitable for formal events, gifts for teachers, doctors and as a bridal bouquet.

    Color meaning of the flowers

    It is also important to know what colors should be in the rose bouquet. The more contrasting and brighter the bouquet, the more weighty the reason for its presentation. You can give delicate pastel flowers to young lovers, and lush compositions are suitable for anniversaries and weddings. Light bouquets show the innocence of intentions, so give white, cream and pink flowers to young girls. For adult women, burgundy, purple and contrasting bouquets are the best.

    Create a composition

    Flowers in a bouquet should emphasize their natural beauty. It is important to use a variety of flowers and leaves to create an interesting and dynamic composition. Although in combined bouquets, flowers lose a little symbolism, it is still desirable to pay attention to this aspect.

    Don’t forget about packing

    The packaging of a bouquet plays an important role. The right packaging can emphasize the beauty of the flower arrangement, adding elegance and sophistication to it. A vase, a decorative gift box or wrapping paper will give the bouquet an additional charm.

    Bud number matters

    Think about how many buds will be in your bouquet. Three flowers in a bouquet symbolizes respect, while five - a declaration of romantic feelings. A composition of seven buds is suitable for a wedding gift, and nine or eleven flowers are appropriate for a close friend.

    Ask the expert

    Choose an experienced florist who will not only help you pick the perfect bouquet, but also give advice on flower care. Whether it's a special occasion or a desire to brighten someone's day, beautiful bouquets from the Bloom Boom shop will be a wonderful surprise.

    Best rose bouquets for her

    How many people do you think wanted to tell about their feelings with the help of prickly flower queens? A Heart Shaped Acrylic Flower Box is not just a collection of bright buds, it is an expression of your feelings with the petals of beautiful flowers. It is a perfect bouquet that gives emotions of happiness, joy, tenderness, love, and delight.

    Choose rose bouquets for him

    It is customary to give flowers to women. However, this does not mean that you can`t give flowers to men. A Simple bouquet "Rainbow" with roses and delphinium will perfectly complement your main gift. Choose the floral gifts to present on official events, celebrations or everyday life. You will please a man while giving him a beautiful bouquet from his close friends.

    Romantic rose bouquets for a first date

    Do not try to surprise a girl with a huge bouquet of flowers or a gorgeous basket of 100 rose bouquet on the first date. Save such exclusive gifts for a later time, when you better know your beloved and her tastes.

    For the first date will be enough a small rose bouquet of three, five or seven large buds. A Bouquet of 12 dark pink roses is a good idea. Pink roses are the symbol of sympathy and new relationships.

    Rose bouquets for birthday and anniversary

    One of the most important family holidays for spouses is the birthday of the soulmate and the wedding anniversary. On this day, it is nice to remember the tender and reverent moments of family life. Small bouquet "Enchanting Amour" with roses and hydrangea, a romantic 1st anniversary gift for husband will help to create a romantic atmosphere and fill the house with a beautiful and delicate fragrance.

    Rose bouquets for Valentine’s Day

    A bouquet of roses is a classic Valentine's Day gift. There is no woman who would be indifferent at the sight of a bunch of luxurious scarlet roses decorated in a heart-shaped bouquet or romantic gift baskets. Eternal Adoration Rose Heart Reflection will tell your loved one a little more than you can express in words.

    Roses delivery for loved ones with Bloom Boom

    An original and romantic rose bouquet on your birthday, wedding anniversary, March 8 or Valentine's Day is unexpected, festive, and romantic. Rose bouquet delivery with Bloom Boom shop is ready to please our customers with a huge selection of unique floral compositions. Giving your loved one something special is easy and simple if you choose something special from us.


    Regardless of the color, a bouquet can not only please the recipient and give him unforgettable emotions but also convey your sincere feelings. Each flower carries its own unique symbolic meaning, which makes the floral gift even more special and meaningful for the recipient. And if you listen to our advice, you will definitely leave a piece in the heart of the person to whom you choose a romantic gift.


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