What bouquet to choose for your boyfriend?

    What bouquet to choose for your boyfriend?

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    When it’s your girlfriend’s birthday or you just want to please her, you don’t hesitate to buy a bouquet of flowers. And the situation looks natural. But in the case of guys, everything is much more complicated, although etiquette does not prohibit us from giving flowers to men. Why is it so difficult for him to select the perfect flower bouquet for boyfriend? We have compiled a guide for you. Here are some tips on choosing colors for men for certain occasions. Your boyfriend will be pleasantly surprised if you give him flowers as a sign of reconciliation or want to confess your love to him.


    Key takeaways

    • When deciding whether to give flowers to your boyfriend, remember men appreciate thoughtful gestures too. 
    • A stylish bouquet is great for birthdays or special days like February 14th, Birthday, graduation, or to show appreciation to teachers and respect to business partners. 
    • Choose bold colors like burgundy, blue, or purple, avoiding pastels associated with feminine bouquets. 
    • Consider the symbolism of flowers; for example, white calla lilies signify purity, while burgundy or purple ones suit passionate personalities and symbolize prosperity and family happiness.

    Is it okay to buy flowers for my boyfriend?

    Of course, men are also given flowers. A stylish and bold flower bouquet for boyfriend is a great way to please a loved one on a birthday or February 14th, to express gratitude to a teacher or to show respect to a business partner. A gift can be relevant after achieving significant goals or in connection with important events in a man’s life, emphasizing his strong character traits.

    Flowers for boyfriend with meaning

    Men can be given a variety of flowers, but their choice must comply with certain etiquette standards. For boyfriend bouquets with meaning, bright or dark shades such as burgundy, blue or purple are most often preferred, because pastel colors are more often associated with women's bouquets. It is also important to consider the symbolic meaning of a bouquet for a boyfriend when choosing a gift.

    • Callas, with their strict and noble shape, are often chosen for men. White callas are suitable for those who value purity and fidelity, while burgundy or purple ones can be an excellent gift for passionate dreamers. Calla lilies symbolize prosperity and family happiness, making them an appropriate choice for a birthday gift.
    • Sunflowers, with their large flowers and colorful petals, are suitable for courageous and determined men. These flowers are associated with the sun and life, making them a great choice for any occasion.
    • Strelitzia, or "bird of paradise", an exotic flower with an unusual shape and bright petals, symbolizes courage and success. This flower is suitable for successful and courageous people, which makes it ideal as a gift for a boss or colleague.
    • Anthurium, with its luscious red flowers, is known as "man's happiness." It is associated with passion and courage, and is a great choice for a birthday gift for a loved one.
    • Amaryllis, also known as the "knight's star", symbolizes pride and courage. This flower is suitable as a gift if you want to express your feelings for a man.
    • Roses, in shades of ash, burgundy or white, can add grace to a man's bouquet, but mono bouquets of them are rarely given to men.
    • Clematis, with its delicate and austere flowers, symbolizes intelligence and spirituality, and can be a wonderful intellectual gift for male colleagues.

    These are just some of the flower choices for men's bouquets, which can be supplemented with unusual plants and elements to create unique compositions.

    Bouquet for boyfriend’s birthday

    Congratulating a man on his anniversary or birthday with a surprise bouquet for boyfriend is a sophisticated and respectful gesture. It is important to choose a bouquet that will suit his tastes and character traits. Flower bouquet for a boyfriend birthday or anniversary should be elegant, discreet, without unnecessary decoration.

    Your boyfriend will be happy to accept a bouquet for his birthday, especially if you chose it with love. For special anniversaries, such as 25, 30, 40 or 50 years, you can prepare a special birthday composition. For example, bright and energetic flowers are suitable for young anniversaries. For example, chrysanthemums or hydrangeas, which symbolize activity, youth, youth, and vitality. For more mature men, it is worth choosing more durable and respectable flowers, which symbolize the success and wisdom achieved. Bouquets with callas and orchids are ideal for such moments.

    Bouquet for boyfriend’s graduation

    Graduation evening is a bright and memorable event in life. It is important to choose a bouquet that will convey all the emotions of this day, excitement, trepidation, the desire to move into the future, a new step into adulthood. Rich shades of colors perfectly convey the vivid impressions and excitement of this day.

    The ideal choice would be roses in the brightest shades, diluted with traditional greenery. Blue, white, peach, yellow and lilac roses are also suitable. Roses have deep symbolic meaning: blue ones symbolize fidelity, yellow ones - joy, cream ones - care, orange ones - success. A bouquet of multi-colored buds will be especially impressive and stylish.

    Apology flowers for boyfriend

    There are times in our lives when we must admit our mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Flowers bouquet for boyfriend in such cases become a bridge that helps overcome grievances and misunderstandings, creating an atmosphere of sincerity and respect. If you need to bring flowers as an apology for an accidental misunderstanding or if you are not that close to the person, a discreet mono bouquet of white roses is the optimal choice. This bouquet symbolizes sincerity, innocence and a new beginning, making it ideal as apology flowers. Don't be afraid to combine them with other colors - this will only enhance your message and make it even deeper and more sincere.

    If a quarrel threatens separation and your relationship is cracking like a porcelain dish, an apology romantic bouquet for your boyfriend should be special. Spectacular lilies are a good choice here. These delicate flowers symbolize renewal and hope and are often used in apology bouquets.

    It is also worth paying attention to blue irises, which represent hope and faith, as well as orchids - exotic flowers that can symbolize your sincere desire to correct the situation and strengthen relationships.

    Bouquet for boyfriend for Valentine’s day

    Should I get my boyfriend flowers for Valentine's day? The answer is “Yeap”. Rose bouquet for a boyfriend is a symbol of luxury and strong emotions, and many men enjoy receiving them as a gift, especially on Valentine's Day. However, if you have doubts about the appropriateness of giving roses, there are many other flowers that you can choose from. As an alternative to roses, you can consider the following flowers for a boyfriend:

    • Strelizia
    • Carnations
    • Gladioli
    • Chrysanthemums
    • Gerberas
    • Calla lilies
    • Lilies
    • Orchids
    • Anthuriums
    • Irises
    • Tulips
    • Sunflowers

    Each of these flowers in a Valentine's bouquet for a boyfriend has its own unique symbolism and can convey different emotional tones. For example, anthuriums are associated with passion and courage, lilies with purity and sophistication, sunflowers with joy and warmth.

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