Best bouquets for every stage of your love story

    Best bouquets for every stage of your love story

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 09 2024

    data modified: Jun 09 2024

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    Every romantic story is filled with sweet moments, sunsets, serenades, brave actions for love and, of course, flowers. Undoubtedly, many men, falling in love, wonder what flowers to give in order to express their feelings without words. How to choose the best bouquets for new relationships and which bouquets for anniversaries? These questions concern those who want to emphasize the specialness of the moment with the help of flowers.


    1. Flowers to catch someone’s attention
    2. Flowers for a first date
    3. Flowers to say “I love you”
    4. Bouquets for proposal
    5. Flowers to celebrate milestones
    6. Bouquets for wedding anniversaries
    7. Flowers for enduring love
    8. Order flowers for loved ones from Bloom Boom in Los Angeles

    Key takeaways

    • When selecting romantic flower arrangements, consider the type, color, and size of the bouquet to win someone's heart or strengthen a relationship, with roses being a classic choice symbolizing love, devotion, and tenderness.
    • Tulips, especially in pink or white with tightly closed buds, are ideal for a first date, representing tender, chaste love and affordability.
    • Red roses express deep feelings, but peonies, sunflowers, and tulips symbolize happiness, prosperity, and romance, while lavender signifies strong, enduring love.
    • Chamomiles, hydrangeas, and lilacs symbolize trust, making them ideal for marriage proposals, conveying sincerity and passion.

    Flowers to catch someone’s attention

    When choosing romantic flower arrangements, whether to win the heart of a girl you like or to strengthen an existing relationship, it is important to consider the type of flower, its color and even the size of the bouquet. Roses are a classic and win-win choice that symbolizes love, devotion and tenderness. Regardless of whether you choose an original flower arrangement or one magnificent rose, the bouquet should convey the full strength of your feelings for your chosen one.

    Bouquets of roses are the embodiment of sophistication and style. These are luxurious compositions of roses in soft pink, burgundy, cream and other colors, collected in perfect bouquets. Each bud is carefully selected and processed to showcase its beauty and freshness.

    A bouquet with 20 spray roses Rubicon will be an ideal gift to express the warmest feelings and attention. He will tell you about your love, appreciation, and respect without further ado. This bouquet will harmoniously fit into any interior and will decorate any celebration, leaving warm memories for a long time.

    Flowers for a first date

    A first date is an exciting event for every person, especially for men who want to make a positive impression on women. One of the best ways to do this is to present the best flowers to express love. On a first date, a bouquet is a mandatory attribute and a sign of attention. Poorly chosen flowers can ruin the whole impression, so it is important to choose the right bouquet so that the first date does not become the last.

    Don't know what flowers to give a girl on the first date? Check out her social media profiles to see if there are photos of her favorite flowers. If this doesn't help, you can ask about preferences directly, although this may take away the element of surprise from the meeting. In this case, it is better to clarify such details after the first meeting.

    Tulips are an ideal choice for a first date, symbolizing tenderness of feelings, the desire to prolong acquaintance and admiration for the girl. Pink or white tulips with tightly closed buds are ideal. The bouquet of 21 pink tulips is the great option for the first date. These flowers represent tender, chaste love and are attractive and relatively affordable.

    Flowers to say “I love you”

    The most famous flowers that symbolize love are red roses, which express deep feelings and desires. However, this is not the only option for expressing your sincere emotions. Peonies, sunflowers and tulips symbolize happiness, prosperity and romance. Lavender represents strong, strong love and retains its freshness for a long time, suitable for decorating gifts or creating fragrances.

    The chic bouquet with 24 Rose “Red Piano And Pink Piano” in stylish packaging is intended for true connoisseurs of beauty and elegance. It combines sophistication and passion, conveying tender and reverent feelings. This bouquet gives unique emotions and serves as an excellent way to show care and love, suitable for any occasion and declaration of love.

    Bouquets for proposal

    Chamomiles, hydrangeas and lilacs are simple flowers with deep meaning. They symbolize a high level of mutual trust, making them an ideal choice for proposing marriage to your girlfriend. Box “Peachy Ice” with roses and hydrangea is an incredible floral tandem. Both flowers symbolize something in such bouquets for proposals. Roses sincere and passionate love, and hydrangeas the desire to create a strong family.

    Flowers to celebrate milestones

    Another joyful flower that signifies love is the sunny sunflower. It symbolizes adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Sunflowers are often associated with warm summer days and sunny memories. This vibrant flower is the perfect way to tell someone that they are not only your loved one, but a true friend for life, and that you appreciate everything they do for you. Therefore, sunflowers are perfect for celebrating important events and bright moments in life.

    Bouquet "Radiant Harmony" with sunflowers is the embodiment of light and joy. Just like the first rays of the sun dispelling the morning fog, bright lemon sunflowers awaken a smile and lift your spirits. The bouquet is made up of tightly gathered buds, which are like small balls of the sun, ready to open up and fill the space with their warmth.

    Bouquets for wedding anniversaries

    Attentive and loving husbands always give flowers on their wedding anniversary, which their wives especially like. However, if you want to give an unexpected gift, you should pay attention to the symbolism of anniversaries. For example, on your fifth wedding anniversary you can give a bouquet of pink roses. These can be either long-stemmed roses or small varieties, from which the florist will create a lush and luxurious composition. 

    Calla lilies are perfect for a ten-year anniversary, symbolizing sincere and strong love. If you're looking for a delicate yet unusual anniversary bouquet, consider a combination of classic roses and exotic calla lilies. Such flowers for wedding anniversaries are suitable for both classic and elegant and bright and extraordinary character of your wife.

    Flowers for enduring love

    Orchids are flowers that embody grace and perfection, sometimes giving the impression of inaccessibility. Symbolizing seduction and sensuality, the pink orchid is the perfect gift for a new relationship. She can charm and win your partner's heart during a romantic dinner, expressing your deepest feelings.

    The white orchid, in turn, represents pure and innocent love. This flower carries idealization and admiration, emphasizing the spiritual and moral purity of the one who receives it and incredible bouquets to impress your partner. White orchids are a wonderful symbol of the most refined and sublime love, making them an ideal gift for expressing deep and sincere feelings.

    Order flowers for loved ones from Bloom Boom in Los Angeles

    No matter the occasion—whether it's an anniversary celebration, a love confession, or a proposal—our store always has the perfect bouquet for you. Bloom Boom simplifies the process by offering daily delivery from 9 AM to 8 PM throughout Los Angeles. Just place your order by 2 PM for same-day delivery.

    If you're within the vicinity of our Santa Monica store, enjoy complimentary delivery within a 3-mile radius. For locations farther out, here's the delivery fee breakdown:

    • $9.95 for distances between 3 to 7 miles.
    • $1.25 per mile for distances between 7 to 15 miles.
    • $1.5 per mile for distances between 15 to 25 miles.
    • $2 per mile for distances exceeding 25 miles.

    Rest assured, shipping costs are transparent and visible during checkout. Simply select the flower delivery option that best suits your needs and location.


    It doesn't really matter what flowers are in fashion or in the main trends. The main thing is that they are a classic gift that emphasizes feelings for your loved ones. And our consultants, as professional cupids, are ready to help you make the best choice.


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