Zodiac birth flowers and their meanings

    Zodiac birth flowers and their meanings

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 06 2024

    data modified: Jun 06 2024

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    What are the zodiac signs of birth flowers? Of course, not everyone believes in horoscopes, and our preferences may not depend on our zodiac sign. Nevertheless, our selection of luxurious bouquets by zodiac sign can be a useful guide for you when choosing flowers for your loved one for the holiday.


    1. What are the birth flowers for each zodiac sign?
    2. Honeysuckle for Aries
    3. Poppies for Taurus
    4. Lavender for Gemini
    5. White roses for Cancer
    6. Sunflowers for Leo
    7. Aster for Virgo
    8. Roses for Libra
    9. Geranium for Scorpio
    10. Carnations for Sagittarius
    11. Pansy for Capricorn
    12. Orchid for Aquarius
    13. Lilies for Pisces
    14. Choose flowers that match your zodiac sign and order with Bloom Boom

    Key takeaways

    • Knowing the birth flowers for each zodiac sign helps in choosing the perfect bouquet for any special occasion.
    • Selecting flowers based on zodiac signs is easier than remembering individual preferences, ensuring a thoughtful and personalized gift.
    • Consulting astrological recommendations adds a fun and intriguing element to gift-giving, allowing you to test their accuracy.
    • Understanding the characteristics of each zodiac sign can guide you to the ideal floral arrangement that resonates with their personality.
    • Choosing flowers aligned with someone's zodiac sign and their favorite colors ensures a gift that is both aesthetically pleasing and energetically harmonious.

    What are the birth flowers for each zodiac sign?

    Why know what are the birth flowers for each zodiac sign? Choosing flowers by horoscope is much easier than trying to remember which bouquets your friend or favorite woman prefers. This way you will always find the perfect option for a special occasion! Plus, it's fun to learn the recommendations of astrologers and check how accurate they are. Who knows, maybe the stars will really point to the flowers you adore.

    Honeysuckle for Aries

    Aries, dynamic, fiery and passionate, is always looking for a source of energy, and red and orange shades are suitable for him. Ordinary roses will not do - you need something exotic, textured, uniquely shaped, perhaps even prickly or hairy, such as honeysuckle, strelitzia or gerbera. Bouquet “Enchanted Garden” with chrysanthemum and gerbera are the epitome of strength, confidence and assertiveness.

    Poppies for Taurus

    The Taurus woman is romantic and sentimental, she is captivated by touching, sweet and unsophisticated mono bouquets. She is one of those to whom a bunch of poppies as in bridal bouquet with poppies without any wrapping is lovelier than all floral excesses.

    Lavender for Gemini

    Gemini is a sign of witty, energetic and cheerful people who are ready to realize their ideas, build a career from scratch and give time to their family. This is probably why astrologers believe that the ideal zodiac birth month flowers for Gemini are lavender. As strong, powerful and sensual as the representatives of this sign themselves. 

    Gemini are open to everything new and very accommodating when it comes to flowers, but most of all they appreciate lightness in everything: in relationships, in communication, in everyday life and in bouquets! The airy “Lavender raf” basket will inspire this zodiac sign.

    White roses for Cancer

    Cancer is so fragile and vulnerable, so painful to failures and misunderstandings, that it is better not to traumatize it with bright colors and extravagant floral solutions. The main flower of Cancer is white roses. Feminine, refined in bouquet “Pearlescent Refinement” with white flowers, will definitely not cause censure in the wards of the Moon.

    Sunflowers for Leo

    Sunny yellow sunflowers will perfectly emphasize the Lion's bright personality. Moreover, their appearance resembles a lion's head with its thick mane, thanks to their golden petals. The flower perfectly embodies strong leadership qualities of this zodiac sign in the bright bouquet “Radiant Harmony” with sunflowers . With their tall stature, sunflowers seem to say to those around them: “Attention, I am in charge here!”

    Aster for Virgo

    Asters became the flowers of Virgos due to their symbolism of devotion and well-being. Despite the apparent severity, Virgos are selflessly devoted to those who are dear to them. Moreover, the flowering season of asters represents the transition from summer to autumn - the time when people of this zodiac sign are born. The elegant classic bouquet "Garden after the rain" with roses and hydrangea will help complement these features.

    Roses for Libra

    People born between September 23 and October 22 have an ideal sense of beauty and a desire for perfection. Which zodiac birth flowers to choose as a gift? Roses. This particular flower is known for its nobility, beauty and grace. They will appreciate the Bouquet "Celestial" with hydrangea carnations and roses with delicate, light, at first glance modest, but unusual flowers.

    Geranium for Scorpio

    Scorpios are very impulsive and emotional. They often find new things to do and easily attract people with them. These traits are embodied in geranium, an extraordinary flower considered the personification of passionate feelings.

    A complex character and readiness for self-improvement are the main characteristics of the sign. Romantic relationships are of particular importance to Scorpios, so an alternative to geranium would be “Peony Lilac Bloom” bouquet. He is the one who can win their heart.

    Carnations for Sagittarius

    The colors of Sagittarius are purple and violet, so the bright, dark carnation flower in a bouquet with 20 carnations "Babylon" will greatly delight and delight the eye of this impulsive perfectionist. Moreover, these flowers are considered a symbol of friendliness and good communication - qualities that characterize Sagittarius.

    Pansy for Capricorn

    Smart, hardworking, responsible, persistent Capricorns have amazing intuition and immediately feel that the bouquet was presented with love - and the rest doesn’t matter. Pansies are perfectly associated with the character of Capricorn. But if it’s difficult for you to find these flowers, an option like carnation is also suitable. Durable and reliable, capable of remaining fresh and beautiful in a vase for a long time. Bouquet "Whispering Garden" with hydrangea and carnation suits Capricorns - calm and reserved natures who are always practical.

    Orchid for Aquarius

    Aquarius, belonging to the air element, can also be mysterious and difficult to understand. Controversial, vibrant and creative, they sometimes seem to float in the clouds, like mysterious orchids. Small bouquet “Sweet Escimo” with hydrangea and orchid can be given to eccentric and sensitive Aquarians to highlight their character traits.

    Lilies for Pisces

    Water symbolizes the sphere of feelings and emotions - that is, the one in which representatives of this sign literally feel like “a fish in water”. Bouquet "Emerald Enchantment" with lily and gypsophila is ideal for an extraordinary personality. Representatives of this sign are emotional, so it is better to give lilies, because these are flowers with calm energy.

    Choose flowers that match your zodiac sign and order with Bloom Boom

    In our store it is easy to choose a birth flowers zodiac bouquet. Our florists take into account every detail and select compositions that perfectly highlight the character traits of each sign. To order a zodiac sign birth flowers bouquet, select Bloom Boom - our service is available online. We serve the vibrant Los Angeles area, operating from 9am to 8pm. Place your order before 2:00 pm and receive same-day delivery in Santa Monica.

    All birth flowers by zodiac sign shipping fees are clearly calculated at checkout, making flower delivery in Santa Monica simple and transparent.


    Do you like your zodiac signs and birth flowers? If so, they are all available to order from Bloom Boom. But do not forget that when choosing a flower by date of birth, be sure to take into account the color preferences of the future owner of the bouquet. This way you will make the perfect gift - in the right color scheme and with the right energy!


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