Tips to decorate your home with flowers

    Tips to decorate your home with flowers

    Alena Nyrkova

    My name is Alena and I am the creator of the flower business Bloom Boom. My main passion is to create beautiful and aesthetic compositions. I believe in the power of flowers and their ability to evoke emotions and add beauty to people's lives. Each flower I choose has a role to play in creating a story that inspires joy and gratitude in people. I am proud that my business helps people express their feelings and create unforgettable experiences in special moments of their lives. Weddings, anniversaries, holidays - I create flower arrangements that become symbols of love, hope and joy.

    data published: Jul 02 2024

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    Summer has finally arrived, and with it, the roses, hydrangeas, and lilies are in bloom. You can find tulips, peonies, carnations, and many other flowers in markets and supermarkets.

    In this article, we will look at how to decorate your home with fresh flowers. Despite its apparent simplicity, flower home decor has its own nuances and secrets. Knowing them, you will make your home even more comfortable and beautiful.


    Key takeaways

    • Large plants like palms and ficus in floor pots, along with smaller plants like violets and geraniums, create a vibrant living room atmosphere. Bouquets of flowers in vases add a wonderful touch, and you can use artificial flowers in winter for the same effect.
    • Avoid strongly scented flowers like lilies to prevent headaches in your bedroom. Opt for small air-purifying plants like tradescantia or spathiphyllum.
    • Affordable flowers like chrysanthemums and carnations stay fresh for a long time, while green leaves in elegant vases can refresh your loggia. 
    • Winter birthdays can feature roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, and lilies, along with dried flowers and seasonal decorations like spruce branches and pine cones. In other seasons, use seasonal flowers like tulips, daffodils, and peonies for festive decor.
    • Balance is key in wedding floral decor, with a combination of two or three shades of different flowers that harmonize with the newlyweds' outfits and table decorations. Flowers should enhance, not overwhelm, the wedding space.
    • Decorate furniture with flowers, such as wreaths or small bouquets on chair backs and floral arrangements on shelves and bookcases, for a visually stunning effect.
    • Combine flowers with balloons, choosing blue, light blue, and green for boys, and soft pink and pastel shades for girls. Romantic compositions of roses, tulips, and freesias create a tender and joyful atmosphere.

    Why decorate your home with fresh flowers?

    Home decor flower arrangements are only beneficial. There are several reasons to place several vases of flowers in each room. Namely:

    • Improves mood. Flowers significantly improve your mood. White, pink and yellow flowers help reduce stress and anxiety with a calming appearance. Bright and saturated colors, such as fuchsia or red roses, on the contrary, activate and energize, so it is better to avoid them in relaxation areas.
    • Decorate the space. Flower decor for home on a table or chest of drawers can transform even the simplest room. They become a decorative element that enlivens the interior and adds freshness.
    • Flower arrangements in the house contribute to the development of the creative potential of its residents. Flowers also improve productivity and the ability to concentrate, which increases work efficiency.
    • Fill the house with aroma. Roses, gardenias, lavender and other flowers have unique scents that help you relax and relieve stress.
    • Purify the air. We spend a lot of time indoors, where there is not always good ventilation. Plants and flowers, through photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving air quality.

    Best flowers to decorate your house

    Roses will always come first in home flower decoration. Such bouquets have bright colors and aromas. But there are flowers to which roses are ready to give way, adding bright colors and aroma to our homes.

    • Crocuses are small plants that are ideal for creating delicate and compact bouquets and flower arrangements. Their bright flowers can be yellow, blue, white, purple or orange. They fit perfectly into home interiors and Easter decorations.
    • Daffodils appear in early April and can be a wonderful decoration for your home. Daffodils can be cut without harming the plants since they do not have leaves. They are most often found in yellow, cream and white shades and are ideal for creating mono bouquets.
    • Tulips are very popular and simple flower decoration at home due to their bright colors and rich aroma. They are a symbol of spring, bringing warmth and joy. Red tulips in a vase will create a bright accent in the room that is sure to attract attention.
    • Hyacinths. These beautiful flowers with a lush structure can become the basis for a full bouquet. Hyacinths are often planted in pots and placed on window sills, tables and shelves, where they look impressive and serve as an independent decorative element.
    • Lilies. Order the delivery of delicate flowers on long stems with large blooms that look great in tall glass or crystal vases. A bouquet of lilies will become the central decoration of the room, attracting attention not only with its beauty, but also with its persistent aroma.

    Home decoration ideas with flowers

    The microclimate in different rooms of the apartment differs in the level of illumination and humidity, which is important to consider when choosing plants. In addition, flowers home decoration of each room should be placed in such a way that they do not interfere with the functionality of the space.

    Living room decoration with flowers

    Large plants in floor pots, such as palms and ficus, are often used in the living room. However, smaller plants such as violets or geraniums also look great here. They can be placed on window sills, shelves and racks. Since the living room is usually well lit, you can choose a wide variety of plants. A bouquet of flowers in a vase will be a wonderful addition to both the living room and the kitchen, allowing you to create unique and original compositions.

    Flowers in the living room are the must. In spring and summer these can be fresh, fresh flowers, and in winter, when they are harder to find and more expensive, you can use artificial ones. Professional florists recommend certain types of flowers for the living room, from which you can create unique compositions. These can be roses, hydrangeas, daisies, chrysanthemums, tulips.

    If the room has an open fireplace, you should definitely think about home decoration with flowers. It is best to decorate small side tables with compact flower arrangements so that they do not interfere with the comfortable use of the area. You shouldn’t fill every possible space with flowers so as not to overload the interior. It is enough to decorate one or three places to create a lively, green atmosphere. You can periodically change the arrangement of plants to refresh the interior.

    Bedroom decoration with flowers

    In the bedroom, it is best to avoid strongly scented flowers such as lilies, as their scent can cause headaches. Here it is preferable to use small plants that help purify the air, such as tradescantia or spathiphyllum. You can place them in any convenient place, the main thing is that they fit harmoniously into the interior. Bouquets of alstroemerias, orchids or eustomes are perfect for the bedroom. A bouquet of roses would also be appropriate, but it is worth remembering that these flowers carry romantic symbolism. Especially scarlet roses can ignite the fire of love and passion.

    Loggia decoration with flowers

    Bright chrysanthemums and carnations are not only affordable, but also remain fresh for a long time. Lilies, gerberas, orchids, freesias and asters, with proper care, will delight you with their beauty for several weeks.

    Even ordinary green leaves placed in a simple, elegant vase can refresh and transform your loggia. By showing your imagination, you can decorate your apartment with flowers in an interesting and tasteful way, adding lively accents to the interior.

    Flower decoration for birthday at home

    If your birthday is in winter, with the help of flower decoration for birthday at home you can turn the celebration room into a fabulous winter forest. In winter, you can find roses, chrysanthemums, orchids and lilies in stores, as well as inexpensive carnations, anthuriums and hydrangeas. Dried flowers are often used in winter compositions, and fresh spruce branches, pine cones, tangerines and cinnamon sticks are suitable for decoration. Bouquets with cotton will create a feeling of snow. The winter color scheme is rich shades: red, blue and green with gold or white and silver.

    In spring, to create a festive mood, you can order the delivery of bouquets of tulips, daffodils, mimosa, snowdrops and hyacinths. Along with seasonal flowers, you can use those that are available all year round - alstroemeria, roses, lilies, orchids, callas, eustomas and chrysanthemums.

    In summer, wild and garden flowers grow in abundance and can be bought in stores. Bouquets with peonies, sunflowers, daisies, cornflowers and poppies are suitable. At the end of summer you can add asters and dahlias.

    In autumn, warm, rich colors are popular - shades of yellow, orange, red and burgundy. Less green, more gold. Popular autumn flowers include asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias and gladioli, which can be complemented by roses, lilies and gerberas. The autumn atmosphere will be created by yellow leaves, berries and fruits, as well as branches of trees and shrubs.

    Flower decoration for wedding day at home

    There can never be too many home flower decorations for marriage, especially when it comes to bouquets for the newlyweds. However, when decorating a wedding, it is important to find a middle ground so as not to overload the space. Where are flowers appropriate as decoration? All wedding decor should be in the same style, and this also applies to floristry. This does not mean that you need to use flowers of the same type or color, but different flowers should be in harmony with each other.

    Usually a combination of two or three shades of different types of colors is acceptable. The floral decor of the wedding should match the outfits of the newlyweds, the table decoration and even the dishes on the holiday menu.

    Flower decoration for surprise party at home

    An effective and simple way to decorate is by using flowers on furniture. For chairs with wooden backs, you can adorn them with wreaths or small bouquets without wrappers. Another option is to weave flowers around the chair backs. Shelves and bookcases decorated with flowers will also create a stunning visual effect.

    Flower decoration for baby welcome at home

    To create the perfect decor for such an event, it is ideal to combine flowers with inflatable balloons. The choice of colors depends on the gender of the child and can include various combinations:

    • For boys. Use compositions with blue, light blue and green shades. Roses, tulips, sunflowers and freesias in these colors will emphasize masculinity and a joyful mood.
    • For girls. Bouquets in soft pink and pastel shades are suitable. Romantic compositions of roses, tulips and freesias will create an atmosphere of tenderness and comfort.

    Order fresh flowers to make your house beautiful 

    We offer daily delivery of fresh flowers for home decoration in Los Angeles from 10 AM to 6 PM. Orders placed before 5 PM qualify for same-day shipping. Shipping charges are determined based on the shipping address provided during checkout.

    Our team structure the delivery rates as follows:

    • Free delivery for locations within a 5-mile radius.
    • Delivery is $9.95 for distances between 5 to 7 miles.
    • For distances ranging from 7 to 15 miles, the delivery charge is $1.25 per mile.
    • Deliveries spanning 15 to 25 miles are charged at $1.5 per mile.
    • For distances exceeding 25 miles, the delivery rate is $2 per mile.


    While we do not offer home decor services, we provide a selection of bouquets that can be ordered and enjoyed at home. With a few bouquets, you can create an enchanting atmosphere in your living space. We hope reading this inspires you to create a magical floral interior at home. Treating yourself to a unique floral arrangement is easy with a touch of creativity and desire.


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