Seasonal summer flowers and stunning bouquets ideas

    Seasonal summer flowers and stunning bouquets ideas

    Alena Nyrkova

    My name is Alena and I am the creator of the flower business Bloom Boom. My main passion is to create beautiful and aesthetic compositions. I believe in the power of flowers and their ability to evoke emotions and add beauty to people's lives. Each flower I choose has a role to play in creating a story that inspires joy and gratitude in people. I am proud that my business helps people express their feelings and create unforgettable experiences in special moments of their lives. Weddings, anniversaries, holidays - I create flower arrangements that become symbols of love, hope and joy.

    data published: Jun 25 2024

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    Summer is a truly amazing time of year, when nature once again blooms with bright colors. The variety of seasonal flowers allows you to create delightful compositions that are ideally suited to the personality of the recipient: delicate, light bouquets will delight romantics, and lush combinations of garden flowers will appeal to creative people. Our florists are looking forward to summer to delight clients with summer seasonal flowers bouquets.


    Key takeaways

    • Sunflower bouquets bring joy with their bright and cheerful appearance, perfect for creative individuals, friends, family, and loved ones.
    • Dahlias, exotic and majestic, add sophistication and charm to bouquets, offering varied shapes and shades for unique compositions.
    • Hydrangea bouquets represent understanding, gratitude, and apology, often given as a gift on the fourth wedding anniversary.
    • Lilies symbolize elegance and sophistication, with their large, attention-grabbing flowers creating a luxurious atmosphere.

    Seasonal summer flowers list

    Summer abounds with wild plants. At this time, it is especially fashionable to combine garden, field, and greenhouse flowers. Wildflowers begin to bloom in June and continue until early September, bringing the beauty of nature and the freshness of the summer wind to the bouquets. For example, a beautiful bouquet for a girl can be made from peonies and field cornflowers. An amazing combination will be snow-white lilies with bells. Such a bouquet of flowers that bloom all summer will undoubtedly delight a loved one.

    Early summer flowers in June

    June brings the first warm days and fresh floral scents. At this time, many beautiful plants bloom, filling bouquets with joy and tenderness.

    • Daisies. Both small fields and large daisies look great in compositions, giving them simplicity and charm.
    • Irises. Delicate flowers in various shades - lemon, purple, milky, red, pink - add sophistication to any bouquet.
    • Anemones. Resembling poppies, anemones have a “shaggy” core and come in a variety of shades: blue, cream, and red.

    Middle summer flowers in July

    July is the middle of summer when flowers reach their peak bloom. At this time you can see many bright and rich colors.

    • Gerberas. Bright daisy-like flowers add energy and vitality to bouquets.
    • Hydrangeas. These blooms resemble miniature fluffy balls and come in light and bright colors.
    • Dahlias. Spectacular flowers, varied in size and shades, make any bouquet expressive and memorable.
    • Poppies. Touching scarlet flowers, known to everyone, symbolizes tenderness and passion.
    • Eustomas. Delicate plants reminiscent of a rose but without the thorns, available in shades of turquoise sky, pastel pink and white.

    Late summer flowers in August

    August ends summer, giving us the last bright colors of popular summer flowers before autumn. At this time, the flowers are especially rich and expressive.

    • Delphiniums. These flowers appear as shaggy blue or light blue spikelets, adding height and texture to arrangements.
    • Asters. Fluffy, beautiful flowers, usually given in late summer or early autumn, creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.
    • Ranunculus. Sweet garden flowers that look like a mixture of peonies and roses, ideal for romantic bouquets.
    • Callas. Large and unusual plants, usually yellow or white, sometimes cherry, add elegance and unusualness to bouquets.
    • Cornflowers. Delicate blue flowers will decorate any field bouquet, giving it freshness and airiness.

    Choose bouquets with summer flowers

    A summer bouquet is a unique composition, for the creation of which there are no strict rules. It should be bright, natural, airy and a little chaotic - this is what the ideal bouquet looks like for hot summer days.

    How to choose a bouquet for a celebration in the summer months? Florists always offer classic summer arrangements and advise that such bouquets should:

    • Contain seasonal flowers. Not only are they cheaper, but they also stay fresh longer if properly cared for.
    • Look casual and easy. Naturalness, lightness, playfulness, and airiness are important in a summer composition.
    • Be non-standard, but at the same time harmonious. Although single bouquets have their charm, a mix of many types of wildflowers is preferable.

    It's best to avoid brightly colored packaging, which can look cheap and distract attention. But decorative greenery, spikelets, berries and other elements that emphasize the summer mood will add liveliness and harmony to the bouquet.

    Summer bouquets with sunflowers

    Sunny bouquets of sunflowers lift your spirits with their bright and joyful appearance. These summer compositions radiate emotion and positivity. Usually such flowers are given to creative people, friends, close relatives and loved ones. By the way, if a guy gives a girl a bouquet of sunflowers, it hiddenly means: “You warm my heart!”

    Summer bouquets with dahlias

    Dahlias are exotic and majestic flowers that add unique sophistication and charm to bouquets. Their large flowers, varied in shape and shades, allow you to create unique and memorable compositions. Dahlias pair perfectly with other elements such as roses, lilies and greenery, adding depth and dimension to bouquets.

    Deep pink summer flowers in a bouquet of 15 pink dahlias symbolize comfort and warmth, adding lightness and freshness to the composition. Bright accents of green leaves add color to the bouquet of summer garden colors and give it a feeling of naturalness.

    The arrangement is completed with a stylish wrapper in bright shades of lilac to highlight the sophistication of the bouquet, and is decorated with a silk ribbon to add elegance. A bouquet of dahlias will be a wonderful gift that can express deep feelings and respect for traditions, giving the recipient unforgettable moments of joy and delight.

    Summer bouquets with hydrangea

    Hydrangea is an attractive and charming flower that has recently become very popular among gardeners. It is also often used in floristry to create compositions and bouquets. However, if you decide to give hydrangeas to your loved one, it is important to know what this flower symbolizes. Hydrangeas mean understanding, gratitude and apology. They are usually given as a gift on the fourth wedding anniversary.

    Bouquet with light pink hydrangea flowers is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Like a gentle sigh of the spring breeze, these snow-white hydrangeas symbolize pure and sincere love. Lush spherical flowers are collected in a harmonious cloud, creating a feeling of freshness and sophistication.

    Soft pink hydrangea bouquets express endless loyalty, tenderness, and respect. Just as hydrangea changes colors depending on the soil in which it grows, this bouquet will reflect the deep emotions and feelings inherent in your relationship. The bouquet packaging is made in soft pink and pale blue tones, which gives the composition airiness and dreaminess.

    Summer bouquets with lilies

    Lilies symbolize elegance and sophistication. Their large flowers with bright petals attract attention and create a luxurious atmosphere. Lilies bouquets come in a variety of shades, from white and pink to orange and red, allowing you to create varied and stylish bouquets. These summer flowers pair beautifully with roses, hydrangeas and greenery, adding depth and dimension to arrangements.

    Order summer bouquets with summer flowers from Bloom Boom florist

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    Summer is the time when nature gives us an abundance of flowers and colors. Use this wealth to buy stunning bouquets that will delight the eye and lift your spirits. Our salon will be happy to make a bouquet of any complexity for you using seasonal flowers. Let your summer seasonal flowers arrangement become real works of art, filled with the beauty and harmony of nature!


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