A guide to choose your perfect wedding bouquet

    A guide to choose your perfect wedding bouquet

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 06 2024

    data modified: Jun 06 2024

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    So many flowers, many shades and varied decor - your eyes run wild when choosing a wedding bouquet. Let's figure out how to choose a wedding bouquet and find out what advice florists give. Follow our guide to wedding flowers.


    Key takeaways

    • Choosing flowers for a wedding bouquet should prioritize both aesthetic appeal and the bride's comfort, avoiding allergens and strong scents.
    • Roses, orchids, calla lilies, peonies, and tulips are popular choices due to their symbolic meanings and timeless elegance.
    • The color palette of the bouquet should harmonize with the bride's dress and reflect her personal style and mood.
    • The bouquet's size and shape should complement the bride's height and body type, with options like round, cascade, and sphere shapes.
    • While there is a belief that a bridal bouquet should have 7 flowers for good luck, convenience and proportion are key factors in the final selection.

    What flower to choose for a wedding bouquet?

    Luckily, there are many flowers that are perfect for a wedding bouquet due to their appearance and symbolic meaning. Experienced florists know how to create beautiful and memorable compositions from them that will delight the bride throughout the celebration. If you are not sure how to choose a bouquet for wedding dress, then pay attention to the following options - they will definitely inspire you!


    Roses are a symbol of endless love, romance and passion. They are indispensable elements of any bouquet at any time of the year. Rose bouquets are classic and are often used in wedding bouquets and flower arrangements as gifts. Roses exclusively emphasize the feeling of love, so a wedding is incomplete without them.

    Bridal bouquet with orchid, roses, anthurium, hydrangea and garden rose will exceed all your expectations. Grown in the volcanic soil of Ecuador, the rose is highly prized for its unique creamy hue. Its large, luxurious buds, reminiscent of sweet cappuccino, will delight you with their durability. The exquisite curls of the petals will surprise and delight you.


    Orchid is a symbol of girlish innocence and pure love. Orchid bouquets are self-sufficient and extremely elegant, emphasizing the sophistication and grace of the bride. Orchid petals add mystery and charm to the wedding composition. Orchid varieties such as Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis are mainly used for wedding bouquets due to their delicate aroma and large flowers with rich colors.

    Bridal bouquet with orchid and dried amaranth - this magnificent bouquet of white flowers always remains in demand for a wedding ceremony performed in a classic style. White color has always symbolized purity and innocence, so this lush and elegant bridal bouquet with a round shaped living base will fit perfectly into the image of the bride.

    Calla lilies

    Bouquets of lilies for a wedding are a timeless classic. Thanks to its large buds, a few flowers are enough to create a lush and complete bouquet. These bridal flowers are ideal for a wedding bouquet because they symbolize purity and purity. They go perfectly with the bride's white dress.

    Bridal bouquet with calla lilies is the epitome of elegance and style. The noble calla flowers, with their curved white sepals and bright green stems, are arranged in a sophisticated and minimalist composition. Perfectly white and perfectly shaped, they symbolize purity and purity, making the bouquet the perfect accessory for the modern bride.


    For couples planning a celebration during the flowering period of peonies - late spring and early summer - this flower will be an excellent choice. In Chinese culture, the peony symbolizes family well-being and happiness. A wedding bouquet of peonies will become not only a decoration for the bride, but also a symbol of a strong marriage.

    Bridal bouquet with peony, roses and dried amaranth amazes with its velvety tenderness. Ivory peonies add splendor and solemnity to the composition, while cream roses add sophistication. Their delicate aroma subtly emphasizes the fragility and airiness of the bride's image. dried amaranth sets harmonious accents, completing the composition. This wedding bouquet, made in a classic style, will give the newlyweds a feeling of lightness and airiness.


    Spring tulips are the personification of youth and innocence, an ideal combination with the image of a bride. Their availability allows you to create magnificent flower arrangements.

    For brides who prefer a natural and airy look, the white bridal bouquet with tulips and hydrangea is suitable. A spreading bouquet will be the perfect complement to simple wedding dresses. A delicate white palette with green accents will exquisitely highlight the bride’s white outfit, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look.

    Bridal bouquet color options

    The color palette is a fundamental factor when choosing a wedding bouquet. The tone of the bride's bouquet should harmoniously contrast with the bride's dress, being a little darker. For example, flowers with a delicate pink tint are suitable for a cream dress. You also need to take into account the bride’s personal preferences, because a harmonious combination of all elements will create a holistic image.

    Experienced florists recommend choosing the shades of the bouquet taking into account the bride’s inner mood. So, for cheerful and optimistic people, bright colors such as yellow, peach and orange are suitable. Passionate and temperamental brides will appreciate deep shades of red and burgundy. Calm and balanced girls are advised to pay attention to blue and blue tones.

    Perfect size guide for wedding bouquet

    How to choose wedding flowers? The attractiveness and convenience of the bride's bouquet largely depend on its size and shape. Florists create wedding flower arrangements in the following forms:

    • round;
    • cascade;
    • in the shape of a sphere.

    When choosing the shape of the bouquet, it is important to take into account not only the style of the dress, but also the height and body type of the bride. For tall girls, slightly elongated floral arrangements are suitable. For short brides, it is best to choose bouquets in the shape of a ball, which will successfully emphasize their miniature size. Girls with a slender figure will suit round bouquets. And for brides with curvy figures, the best choice would be cascading bouquets that visually elongate the silhouette.

    How many flowers must be in a bridal bouquet?

    How to choose your wedding flowers bouquet with the right flower number? There is a belief that the bride's bouquet should contain 7 flowers, as this number symbolizes good luck. However, we believe that the main criterion in this matter is convenience. For tall girls, vertical compositions of lilies, gladioli, and delphiniums are suitable, emphasizing their elegance and stateliness. Petite brides are advised to choose more compact bouquets so as not to overload the silhouette and maintain proportions. Compositions on short-cut stems with a small amount of greenery will emphasize a harmonious image.

    Wedding bouquet styles that match your dress and ceremony

    Only experienced florists are able to create impeccable compositions of flowers for the bride with a unique design. In a wedding bouquet, every detail must be perfectly placed, and the bouquet itself must be assembled in such a way that it remains strong and does not fall apart in the hands of the bride. Today, compositions with:

    • the main flower is located in the center of the bouquet;
    • elements of minimalism are visible;
    • flowers are arranged in a pronounced cascade;
    • The design is natural and relaxed.

    Non-standard solutions that only experienced and talented florists can offer are also valued.

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    When choosing flowers for your bouquet, remember that you will have to spend almost the entire day with it. Therefore, avoid flowers with a strong scent or those to which you are allergic. Red eyes and a runny nose are unlikely to add charm to the bride. Otherwise, follow our advice and listen to your heart. After all, no one but you knows your preferences better.


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