Bouquets for wedding anniversaries - what flowers to choose for each date

    Bouquets for wedding anniversaries - what flowers to choose for each date

    Alena Nyrkova

    My name is Alena and I am the creator of the flower business Bloom Boom. My main passion is to create beautiful and aesthetic compositions. I believe in the power of flowers and their ability to evoke emotions and add beauty to people's lives. Each flower I choose has a role to play in creating a story that inspires joy and gratitude in people. I am proud that my business helps people express their feelings and create unforgettable experiences in special moments of their lives. Weddings, anniversaries, holidays - I create flower arrangements that become symbols of love, hope and joy.

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    Welcome to the first part of our article on wedding anniversary flowers. We are used to celebrating round and beautiful dates in married life: 25, 30, 50 years. But every new year for the spouses themselves is a special day, a kind of birthday of a family that survives despite everyday troubles and possible quarrels. Therefore, husband and wife congratulate each other on their own holiday of love. 

    What kind of celebration takes place without flowers for wedding anniversary bouquets? In this article we will tell you what flowers are customary to give on a wedding anniversary, from the first to the fifteenth year of marriage. This material will be useful both to men who are considering a gift for their wives, and to children who want to please their parents. We’ll talk about other anniversary dates a little later.


    Key takeaways

    • Carnations symbolize love, tenderness, and affection, making them the perfect choice for the first wedding anniversary.
    • Cosmos flowers, with their graceful petals available in various shades, symbolize order and harmony, making them ideal for the second wedding anniversary.
    • Sunflowers, with their joyful and bright appearance, symbolize loyalty, devotion, resilience, optimism, and happiness, making them the perfect choice for the third wedding anniversary.
    • Hydrangeas, symbolizing well-being, balance, strong relationships, and everlasting love, are the ideal choice for the fourth wedding anniversary.
    • Daisies, with their charm and freshness, are the perfect choice for celebrating the fifth wedding anniversary.
    • Calla lilies, with their strong stems symbolizing the strength of family relationships, are the ideal choice for the sixth wedding anniversary.
    • Freesias, symbolizing the copper wedding, are an excellent choice for the seventh wedding anniversary. Bright orange freesias create a romantic atmosphere, while red freesias symbolize passion and love, making them an ideal gift to express deep feelings and emotions.
    • Violets, representing eternal love, fidelity, purity, and new beginnings, are the ideal choice for the 8th wedding anniversary.
    • Poppies, symbolizing love, good luck, and prosperity, are the traditional flowers for the ninth wedding anniversary.
    • Daffodils, symbolizing resilience, hope, and joy, are the perfect choice for celebrating the tenth wedding anniversary.
    • Tulips, with their lush and vibrant appearance, are the ideal choice for the 11th wedding anniversary.
    • Peonies, symbolizing tenderness, purity, innocence, and love, are the perfect choice for the 12th wedding anniversary.
    • Chrysanthemums, symbolizing fidelity, are the traditional flowers for the 13th wedding anniversary, also known as the lace wedding.
    • Orchids, roses, rich-colored gerberas, and tulips, packaged in light-colored wrapping, are excellent choices for the 14th wedding anniversary.
    • White roses, embodying romantic love, are the perfect choice for celebrating the 15th wedding anniversary.

    Wedding anniversary list

    Join the wonderful tradition of giving a bouquet on your wedding anniversary! If you want to support this wonderful tradition and choose a symbolic gift in the form of a flower arrangement for your wife or a married couple, contact the professional florists of our flower shop. They are well versed in what flowers are best to choose for an anniversary so that they match the atmosphere of the holiday.

    Each wedding anniversary has its own name. It could be:

    • Wooden wedding - 5 years
    • Copper wedding - 7 years
    • Pink Wedding - 10 years
    • Lace wedding - 13 years
    • Turquoise wedding - 18 years
    • Porcelain Wedding - 20 years
    • Silver wedding - 25 years
    • Ruby wedding - 40 years
    • Golden Wedding - 50 years

    There are special dates directly associated with certain plants or certain shades. We will talk about them now. If your date is not included in this list, it means that it is not associated with flower symbolism. In this case, it is recommended to give roses in light colors: white, soft pink, cream or light lilac. We have selected the best flowers for the wedding anniversary that are symbolically given on this date.

    Carnations for the 1st wedding anniversary

    Carnations are 1st wedding anniversary flowers. They are available all year round, so no matter the season of your wedding - spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can easily find this beautiful flower to gift to your partner on their first wedding anniversary. Carnations symbolize love, tenderness and affection. For your first wedding anniversary, it is best to choose red carnations, which represent passion and romance in a relationship.

    Best flowers for the second wedding anniversary

    On the second wedding anniversary, cosmos becomes the ideal flower that symbolizes order and harmony. Its graceful petals are available in a variety of shades: pink, yellow, red, lilac and pure white, all with a golden yellow centre. Some varieties even have a chocolate brown hue, accompanied by a subtle chocolate aroma! 

    The splendor of cosmos evokes the order and harmony of the universe, making them an ideal choice for a gift symbolizing a comfortable, orderly and harmonious life for a young couple. Present cosmos in combination with spring wildflowers or creamy, delicate-budded spray roses, tied with fabric ribbon or wrapped in fabric.

    Sunflower bouquets for the third wedding anniversary

    These sunny, bright, happy wedding anniversary flowers bring joy and happiness to everyone who sees them and can instantly lift your spirits. Sunflowers carry many symbolic meanings: loyalty, devotion, resilience, longevity, optimism, adoration, friendship and, of course, happiness. All of these great associations make the sunflower the perfect flower to gift to your partner on your third anniversary.

    Hydrangeas to celebrate the 4th wedding anniversary

    For the fourth anniversary, which is symbolized by linen or rope, ask to tie the bouquet with twine or arrange it in natural burlap. This gift will immediately become symbolic: your marriage has already become strong and reliable. The ideal choice for a bouquet would be hydrangeas. These flowers symbolize well-being, balance, strong relationships and everlasting love. Their beauty and sophistication reflect harmony and stability in a married couple.

    Send daisies for the 5th wedding anniversary

    To celebrate the first round date, a lush composition of various flowers, including green elements, is usually chosen. The ideal choice would be daisies, which will give the bouquet a special charm and freshness. Such bouquets contain a lot of white, symbolizing pure and sincere love, and green leaves bring hope for continued happy years in marriage. Considering that this is a wooden anniversary, you can give a basket of flowers, where you can put some wooden product or souvenir.

    Calla lily flowers for the six wedding anniversary

    The 6th wedding anniversary is associated with metals. If you are looking for suitable flowers for this period, choose plants whose buds match the metallic shade. For the 6th anniversary, you should already choose a bouquet of 5 or 7 flowers. Calla lilies are an ideal choice. They have strong stems, which has become a symbol of the strength of family relationships.

    Buy freesia for the seventh wedding anniversary

    Freesia is the 7th wedding anniversary flower, symbolizing the copper wedding. When choosing flowers for this special occasion, consider bright orange freesias. If you are looking to create an atmosphere of romance, then red freesias will be the ideal choice. The cheerful yellow centers of these flowers, visible in the red freesias, symbolize the flame of passion and love. Freesias have a strong aroma, making them even more exciting and symbolic for this special anniversary.

    Bouquets for 8th wedding anniversary

    Some might think that the violet is just a simple spring garden flower, but this cheerful bloom is much more than that. This is a traditional flower given on the 5th wedding anniversary, a milestone that can hardly be called simple.

    The way the violet petals spread out in all directions from the center of the flower is said to symbolize all the ways a couple will continue to grow while maintaining a strong foundation at the heart of their marriage. In the language of flowers, violets are considered symbols of eternal love and fidelity, as well as purity, admiration, new beginnings, cheerfulness and childbirth.

    Poppies for 9th wedding anniversary

    The eighth anniversary of marriage is called a tin wedding and is also known as a poppy or clay wedding. On this special day, it is customary to give bouquets of poppies. Our ancestors believed that the poppy is a symbol of love, good luck and prosperity. The “Poppy” anniversary is given this name because it is at this time that the spouses “sow the seeds of their love,” that is, they build a family, have children and their own property, confirming the strength of their bond.

    Flowers to celebrate 10 years together

    Daffodils are 10th wedding anniversary flowers. They symbolize resilience, hope and joy, all of which are perfect for celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary. Daffodils are one of the first 10 year wedding anniversary flowers to emerge in the spring, surviving the winter to bloom again on the other side. This should give you hope for a happy future together. Having survived more than one winter together, your family is moving towards a happy future.

    Tulips for 11th wedding anniversary

    This date is also called a pink wedding; accordingly, flowers for the 11th anniversary should be chosen in pink or similar shades. In this case, a combination of several shades is allowed: pink, soft lilac, peach. And here you can’t do without a bouquet of lush tulips. The number of flowers must be at least nine, and the bouquet itself must be in a basket or without packaging. The stems of the flowers need to be tied with a bright red ribbon.


    Peony bouquets for 12th wedding anniversary

    The 12th wedding anniversary is what is known as a lily of the valley wedding, and as the name suggests, lilies of the valley are the ideal choice. However, if you cannot find lilies of the valley this season, then choose white or cream-colored peonies. White peonies represent tenderness, purity, innocence and love. In some cultures, the white peony is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, making it an ideal gift this anniversary.

    Choose chrysanthemums for 13th wedding anniversary

    On the 13th wedding anniversary there is a so-called lace wedding. On this special day, it is customary to give chrysanthemums flowers for the 13th wedding anniversary, whose buds resemble delicate lace and symbolize fidelity. A bouquet of white chrysanthemums will be the perfect gift this anniversary to remind your wife of your fidelity and love.

    Orchid gift bouquet for 14th wedding anniversary

    For the 14th wedding anniversary, also known as agate, it is customary to choose flowers in dark colors. Orchids, roses, rich-colored gerberas, and tulips are excellent choices, but they should be packaged in light-colored wrapping. These 14th wedding anniversary flowers in deep shades will express your deep feelings, strong love and passion.

    Rose bouquet to celebrate 15th wedding anniversary

    No flower embodies romantic love as vividly as the red rose. If you are celebrating 15 years of marriage, then we highly recommend giving your partner a bouquet of the most exquisite and beautiful long-stemmed white garden roses. 15 years - crystal wedding. Crystal represents purity, so choose snow-white roses.

    Celebrate wedding anniversaries with flowers from Bloom Boom

    Celebrate your wedding anniversaries with Bloom Boom's exquisite selection of flowers. Elevate your anniversary day with a stunning wedding anniversary bouquet curated by Bloom Boom. Discover our diverse range of floral arrangements tailored for anniversaries and conveniently place your order online for swift flower delivery across the vibrant L.A. area. Trust us for punctual delivery, enhancing your celebration with a touch of floral elegance.


    Before deciding which flowers to give for a wedding anniversary, it's essential to inquire about the recipient's floral preferences. Presenting a bouquet of their favorite flowers will bring great joy to the celebrant. Even if the flowers are not from our suggested list, the gesture will be deeply appreciated.


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