Original and elegant color combinations for wedding bouquet

    Original and elegant color combinations for wedding bouquet

    Alena Nyrkova

    My name is Alena and I am the creator of the flower business Bloom Boom. My main passion is to create beautiful and aesthetic compositions. I believe in the power of flowers and their ability to evoke emotions and add beauty to people's lives. Each flower I choose has a role to play in creating a story that inspires joy and gratitude in people. I am proud that my business helps people express their feelings and create unforgettable experiences in special moments of their lives. Weddings, anniversaries, holidays - I create flower arrangements that become symbols of love, hope and joy.

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    Choosing the right bouquet for the bride is key as this accessory is an important element of the special day. The approach to this choice requires attention and responsibility. There are many amazing options, varying in composition, shape and other characteristics. To make the best decision, we offer to follow our advice. We are experienced florists who have the necessary experience and follow the latest trends. That's why we've created this guide to help you find the perfect option for your special day.


    Key takeaways

    • White and pink roses symbolize innocence, eternal love, and a fresh start in married life. Ideal for young brides seeking elegance and meaning.
    • White flowers with greenery suits any bridal look. Enhances with accents like garden roses and viburnum berries for a classic yet refreshing touch.
    • Red and white bouquet offers a striking contrast symbolizing tenderness, purity, passion, and love, making it stand out among other arrangements.
    • Ivory and white bouquet is ideal for a classic bridal aesthetic.
    • Blush pink and peach flowers evoke spring freshness and warmth, symbolizing tender affection and refined taste, perfect for a romantic wedding.
    • Pink and champagne bridal flowers exude elegance and sophistication with orchids, roses, anthuriums, hydrangeas, and garden roses, capturing the essence of romance.
    • Burgundy tulips and pink roses combine deep passion and emerging love, expressing intense emotions and promising new beginnings.
    • Gray and lavender wedding flowers add maturity and tenderness to a bouquet, ideal for autumn weddings, featuring dahlias, calla lilies, carnations, and anemones.
    • Orange and burgundy flowers are a good choice for an autumn wedding bouquet. Classic autumnal hues symbolizing friendship, admiration, and tranquility, perfect for a fall wedding.
    • Yellow and white flowers are perfect for summer bridal bouquets. Bright and fresh combination with roses and greenery, adding vibrancy and originality to a summer wedding bouquet.
    • White flowers with red berries will be a perfect choice for a winter bridal bouquet. Contrast against snowy backgrounds with white roses, anemones, and chrysanthemums complemented by red berries and greenery, ideal for winter weddings.

    Classic color combinations for wedding bouquets

    Classic color combinations are the best colors for wedding bouquets and never go out of style. Such wedding bouquets offer timeless elegance and sophistication, ensuring your bouquet perfectly complements your special day.

    Bouquet with white and pink roses

    A bouquet with white and pink roses is a beautiful and meaningful choice for a wedding. White flowers for wedding bouquets symbolize innocence and eternal love, representing a pure and enduring affection that transcends earthly emotions, making them perfect for a bridal bouquet. 

    Pink roses, on the other hand, convey gratitude, admiration, and sweet thoughts, signifying a new beginning in a couple's journey together. The white and pink wedding bouquet not only creates a visually stunning arrangement but also embodies the harmonious blend of pure love and the fresh start of married life, making it an ideal choice for young brides.

    White bridal bouquet with greenery

    White is a timeless classic in the realm of bridal bouquets, consistently regarded as the most popular choice over the years. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly complement nearly any bridal look and wedding decor. Adding vibrant accents of greenery to a white bouquet can enhance the bride's appearance with a unique touch. A bridal bouquet with garden roses and viburnum berries exemplifies this approach, blending classic elegance with a refreshing twist.

    Red and white wedding bouquet

    A red and white bridal bouquet always stands out among other wedding arrangements. Its contrasting combination draws admiring glances, adding charm and uniqueness. The blend of red and white symbolizes the union of tenderness and purity with passion and love.

    White and ivory flower for bridal bouquet

    Ivory combined with white is a popular choice among brides for their wedding look. Essentially, ivory is a soft, off-white shade. This combination has recently gained immense popularity in wedding decor. Despite its unique appeal, dresses, bouquets, and accessories in these shades align perfectly with traditional bridal aesthetics.

    A perfect example of this style is the bridal bouquet featuring peonies, roses, and dried amaranth, symbolizing elegance, simplicity, restraint, and grace. This color palette is ideal for both a classic wedding and a chic reception with cocktails and decorations.

    Romantic color palette for wedding bouquets

    A romantic color palette for wedding bouquets brings a sense of timeless beauty and heartfelt emotion. Symbolic wedding flowers color combinations create an atmosphere of love and tenderness. From soft pastels to rich, warm hues, these bouquets are designed to complement the romantic spirit of your special day, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your wedding celebration.

    Bridal bouquet with blush pink and peach roses

    A bridal bouquet with blush pink and peach roses is an ode to the freshness of spring and the warmth of the morning sun. This arrangement radiates light and warmth, conveying the serenity and joy of the moment. It is more than just a collection of flowers; it symbolizes tender affection and refined taste. This bouquet not only beautifully complements the wedding attire but also carries the memory of an unforgettable day filled with promises and dreams.

    Wedding bouquet in pink and champagne colors

    The bridal bouquet featuring orchids, roses, anthurium, hydrangea, and garden roses is a stunning example of a wedding bouquet in pink and champagne hues. Experience pure elegance with this meticulously designed arrangement, blending the beauty of orchids, roses, anthuriums, hydrangeas, and garden roses. This champagne wedding bouquet perfectly captures the essence of romance and sophistication, making it an ideal accessory for your special day.

    Wedding bouquets in elegant colors

    Wedding bouquets come in endless variations, but European styles are renowned for their exquisite elegance, featuring refined compositions of garden flowers rather than wild blooms. Whether it's the rich contrast of burgundy tulips and pink roses or the delicate harmony of gray and lavender tones, these bouquets exude sophistication and timeless charm.

    Bridal bouquet with burgundy tulips and pink roses

    A bridal bouquet featuring burgundy tulips and pink roses combines deep passion, adoration, love, gratitude, and appreciation symbolized by burgundy tulips with the budding sentiments of pink roses, representing emerging love. This color combination is ideal for a wedding bouquet, expressing intense emotions and the promise of new beginnings in a beautifully harmonious way.

    Wedding bouquet in gray and lavender colors

    A wedding bouquet in gray and lavender colors evokes deep hues reminiscent of crisp autumn evenings, the glimmer of sunset on cooling earth, and the gentle patter of raindrops on fading leaves. Indeed, assembling a purple bouquet adds a touch of maturity, thoughtfulness, and infinite tenderness to your wedding. Complementing lavender with dahlias, calla lilies, carnations, and anemones enriches the composition, creating a bouquet that exudes elegance and understated beauty.

    Bridal bouquets in modern style

    Modern bridal bouquets offer a departure from traditional white, embracing a spectrum of vibrant colors that highlight the beauty of the wedding gown and add an extra flair to the overall look. Shades like purple, orange, red, brown, and others are increasingly popular choices. These rich colors not only complement the bride's attire but also create a striking visual impact.

    Yellow and burgundy bridal bouquet

    A yellow and burgundy bridal bouquet symbolizes friendship, respect, and admiration. It is ideal for brides in long-standing relationships, symbolizing tranquility and sweet serenity.иBurgundy with a hint of purple embodies magnetism and attraction, representing the utmost expression of intense emotions.

    Blue and pink bridal bouquet

    For a Provence-inspired wedding, a blue and pink bridal bouquet featuring blue irises and pink eustomas is a delightful choice. This bouquet can be elegantly minimalistic as a mono bouquet or add textured accents to a composition of roses or eustomas, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the ceremony.

    Seasonal color palette for wedding bouquet

    When choosing flowers, consider the season in which you plan to get married. Some flower varieties may not be in season during your wedding date. Whether you prefer soft pastel shades of pink and blue or the warm tones of autumn like red and gold, enjoy exploring different hues for your bouquet.

    Orange and burgundy flowers with greenery for autumn wedding bouquet

    Red, orange, and yellow: the most obvious yet universally appealing combination. An orange wedding bouquet adds an incredible atmosphere of classic autumn to any wedding. Include flowers like zinnias, dahlias, ranunculuses, orange chrysanthemums, and tulips (if available) to complete the composition. Notably, all these flowers are considered autumnal, ensuring you won't encounter difficulties in finding and purchasing them.

    Pastel pink, lavender, and white flowers for spring wedding bouquet

    The bridal bouquet of pastel pink, lavender, and white flowers is more than just a traditional accessory coveted by every unmarried guest. It complements the bride's ensemble, infusing a touch of romance even into the boldest and most avant-garde styles. "Spring-like" doesn't necessarily mean "composed of spring flowers". 

    Firstly, many spring flowers wilt quickly, and secondly, the bouquet should evoke a springtime mood, achieved through a carefully curated color palette. A spring bouquet features delicate petals in soft or pastel shades, utilizing flowers like daffodils, snowdrops, and irises. Irises, with their unique shapes and hues, particularly enhance the bouquet's charm, embodying the essence of spring beautifully.

    Yellow and white flowers with greenery for summer wedding bouquet

    Yellow and white flowers with greenery make a perfect summer wedding bouquet. While roses are the most popular choice, available year-round and adding color and fragrance to any floral arrangement, modern celebrations often feature asymmetrical compositions using this color combination. It adds freshness, brightness, and a touch of originality to the wedding ambiance.

    White bouquet with red berries and greenery for winter wedding bouquet

    A winter wedding often includes an outdoor photoshoot amidst snowy landscapes—be it in a snow-covered forest, a field blanketed in snow, or a frozen pond. Nature provides stunning backdrops for the couple, and it's crucial that the bride stands out beautifully against the white scenery. A vibrant accent in the photographs can be achieved with a bouquet in red tones. For the base, white roses, anemones, chrysanthemums, and other flowers chosen by the bride can be used, complemented with greenery or ripe berries to enhance the bouquet.

    Contact Bloom Boom to prepare your corporate event’s floral design

    Bloom Boom transforms your wedding day with an exquisite array of wedding bouquet color combinations. Discover our diverse range of floral arrangements tailored for weddings and conveniently place your order online for prompt flower delivery across bustling Los Angeles. You can rely on us for punctual delivery, adding an element of floral elegance to your special occasion.


    Our delivery hours are from 9 AM to 8 PM, ensuring your flowers arrive fresh and on time. To guarantee same-day delivery, orders must be placed by 2 PM. Enjoy complimentary delivery within a 3-mile radius of West Hollywood. We wish you a perfect wedding day and hope our insights help you choose the truly flawless bridal bouquet. Here's to your happiness!


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