Bridal bouquet inspiration by style

    Bridal bouquet inspiration by style

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 06 2024

    data modified: Jun 06 2024

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    A wedding bouquet is an important element that completes the bride’s image. Previously, classic flower options were at the peak of popularity, but today the range of wedding floristry is huge and varied. Let's look at a bridal bouquet style guide with some beautiful wedding bouquets and different styles to help you decide which one is right for you.


    Key takeaways

    • Classic wedding bouquets exude timeless elegance, perfect for brides seeking a traditional yet romantic look.
    • Romantic wedding bouquets enchant with soft hues and delicate blooms, adding a touch of fairy-tale charm to your special day.
    • Elegant wedding bouquets combine sophistication and grace, enhancing the bride's ensemble with refined floral arrangements.
    • Vintage wedding bouquets evoke nostalgia with their retro-inspired designs, ideal for brides dreaming of a bygone era.
    • Boho wedding bouquets embrace natural beauty and free-spirited vibes, reflecting the bride's bohemian style and love for the outdoors.
    • Rustic wedding bouquets capture the rustic charm of the countryside, incorporating earthy elements for a relaxed and picturesque appeal.

    Wedding bouquets by theme

    Trends in the wedding industry are constantly changing. It's incredible how even in the world of wedding bouquets new discoveries and changes are possible. Although it seems that there may be only slight changes in shades, varieties of flowers, shapes and different bridal bouquet styles, every few years new trends appear that brides are actively incorporating into their wedding looks. But there is always a place for classics that never go out of style. Let's look together at which options are currently at the peak of popularity.

    Classic & romantic bridal bouquets

    We often imagine a classic bride's image: a white airy dress, a long veil, natural makeup and a bouquet of white or cream roses, neatly folded into a round composition. Traditionally, a classic bridal bouquet is white or beige (sometimes pale pink). They consist mainly of roses and peonies, both individually and in a sophisticated combination.

    Classic wedding bouquets

    The rounded bridal bouquet with ranunculus is a true classic among wedding compositions. Its medium size and perfectly rounded shape make it a versatile addition to any wedding style, and it pairs beautifully with a variety of wedding dress styles. If you are in doubt about choosing the shape of a bouquet, stick to the classics - they are always trendy and appropriate in any situation.

    Romantic wedding bouquets

    A romantic bridal bouquet is an ideal choice for girls who dream of tenderness and airiness in their image. Its essential characteristics include a delicate palette of shades, delicate and sophisticated David Austin roses and fragrant eucalyptus. The shape of the bouquet is light, smooth, with a slight careless dishevelment, which gives it a special charm and ease. This bouquet is often full of sensuality and softness, creating a romantic atmosphere. Adding lace ribbons to such bouquets will elegantly complement the bride's image, giving it a touch of sophistication and tenderness.

    Elegant wedding bouquets

    The elegant bridal bouquet with roses and orchid in snow-white tones is the pinnacle of floral artistry and the embodiment of the classic wedding tradition. Graceful roses and graceful orchids merge into a harmonious composition, creating an image of purity and innocence. A satin ribbon gently wraps around the stems, adding sophistication and completeness to the bouquet.

    The choice of a white elegant bridal bouquet emphasizes the bride’s impeccable sense of style and preference for classics and elegance. It will harmoniously combine with both traditional and more modern wedding dresses, making the bride's image majestic and at the same time delicate. This bouquet will not only be part of the ceremony, but also an eternal symbol of wedding romance.

    Whimsical & natural bridal bouquets

    Whimsical and natural bridal bouquets capture the essence of spontaneity and organic beauty. These bouquets often feature a delightful mix of fresh blooms, wildflowers, and lush greenery, exuding an enchanting charm that perfectly complements the bride's whimsical spirit and the natural surroundings of the wedding day.

    Vintage wedding bouquets

    Among the most stylish wedding accessories, vintage bridal bouquet certainly stand out. Indeed, in the modern world, everything new often finds inspiration in the old, already forgotten, and this perfectly reflects the spirit of the times. To make such an accessory look relevant, it is only important to adapt it to modern trends.

    Wedding bouquets in retro style can have various variations, since their main goal is to convey the atmosphere and mood of past eras. The choice of flowers for such a bouquet depends on the overall color palette of the event, the bride’s appearance and plant preferences. One of the wonderful examples of such a bouquet would be bridal bouquet with peony, roses and dried amaranth. These elements combine beautifully, giving the composition a touch of nostalgia while maintaining its sophistication.

    Boho wedding bouquets

    Today, boho bridal bouquet is extremely popular, attracting couples who want an informal and cozy atmosphere at their wedding. It is important to pay attention to texture when creating a boho wedding bouquet. Pointed shapes and lines are characteristic features of this style. The compositions use cascades of greenery, a variety of dried plants, cacti, succulents, feathers, ears of corn and other decorative elements to give the bouquet a unique boho charm.

    Bridal bouquet with garden roses and viburnum berries was created with a minimum number of large flowers. The basis of the bouquet is a large number of ornamental plants. The entire emphasis is on roses, which actively stand out with their color, but at the same time preserve the traditions of the wedding color scheme. A boho bouquet goes perfectly with the bride's classic white dress.

    Rustic wedding bouquets

    Sometimes such wedding bouquets are called disheveled compositions. Rustic bridal bouquet usually has an unusual shape. They are made up of flowers and plants of different sizes, so that the bouquet itself can be, for example, round, but with elongated stems of decorative greenery that look like they are sticking out of it. A striking example of such a bouquet would be the bridal bouquet with poppies. In a rustic style, a minimum number of flowers and a maximum number of herbs can be used. The dress can also be stylish and modern, not necessarily white, perhaps even cocktail.

    Modern bridal bouquets

    Modern bridal bouquet artfully combines innovative design approaches with elegant aesthetics. They reflect modern trends and the individual style of each bride. In this section, we'll look at different styles of modern wedding bouquets, from unique arrangements to elegant and chic variations.

    Modern wedding bouquets

    Among modern wedding bouquets, free-form compositions, be they horizontal or vertical, are becoming increasingly popular. Their main advantage is their variety: they can be with or without greenery, asymmetrical or delicate, reminiscent of a cloud. A striking example of this style is a bridal bouquet with tulips and hydrangea. This airy and impeccably white bouquet fits perfectly with the bride's image, especially if a lush classic outfit is chosen. It looks like it was just plucked from your own garden - it's so natural and attractive. White tulips and hydrangeas create the basis of the composition, making the bouquet look even more voluminous and magnificent.

    Unique wedding bouquets

    Lilymelia or Glamelia is something completely new and exciting in the world of wedding floristry. The unique bridal bouquet amazes the imagination with their unique beauty and originality. Florists carefully separate several different flowers into individual petals and, using special glue, combine them into one unique flower.

    Chic wedding bouquets

    Elegant and stylish wedding bouquets in the shabby chic style are usually presented in neat semicircular compositions made up of large inflorescences. Peonies, hydrangeas, eustomas, ranunculus and peony roses can be an excellent choice for such bouquets. To add additional charm to a chic wedding bouquet, choose appropriate decor, such as lace or satin ribbons, pearl beads and crystals. 

    Wedding bouquets by shape

    The shape of the bouquet, as well as its style, plays an important role. Today we present various forms of bouquets that will highlight your individuality and style.

    Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet

    This style of bouquet usually consists of natural flowers and greenery gathered together and tied with ribbon or fabric. It gives a natural and relaxed look, ideally combined with various styles of wedding dresses.

    Cascade Bridal Bouquet

    Hand-tied bridal bouquet is the style at the top of wedding trends. Bridal bouquet with pampas, dried palm roses and orchid combines flowers of different sizes and lengths, creating a spectacular cascade that visually lengthens the bride’s dress and adds mystery to her image. This style is ideal for almost any type of appearance, and looks especially good in spring and summer.

    Round Bridal Bouquet

    This classic round bridal bouquet option has a round shape and consists of flowers spaced evenly around a central point. Bridal bouquet with white orchid is simple and elegant, suitable for a variety of wedding dress styles and themes.

    Posy Bridal Bouquet

    Posy bridal bouquet is compact and delicate, consisting of a small number of flowers, usually held by a stem. Bridal bouquet with calla lilies is suitable for brides who prefer minimalism and sophistication in their image. This composition enchants with the combination of snow-white calla lilies, which symbolize the mystery and passion of the moment. Each flower is carefully selected and arranged in perfect harmony.

    Wedding bouquets by construction

    There are many different bouquet designs in wedding floristry, from classic to modern. Various shapes, sizes, and textures of bouquets help every bride choose the perfect accessory to complement her look. From hand bouquets to cascading arrangements, each design has its own special charm and visual impact.

    Wedding bouquets with fresh flowers

    Natural wedding bouquet always represents freshness and vitality. Wedding bouquets made from fresh flowers add natural beauty and sophistication to the bride's image. A variety of types and shades allows you to choose a bouquet that will perfectly complement the style and theme of the wedding.

    Wedding bouquets with dried flowers

    Bridal bouquet with pampas, dried palm roses and orchid with dried flowers is increasingly popular, especially in the wedding industry. The flowers add mystery and romance to the bride’s image, and also retain their beauty for a long time. This bouquet can be used as an unusual gift for newlyweds, emphasizing their individuality and creative approach to the wedding ceremony.

    Composite bridal bouquet

    Composite bouquets are unique and extravagant arrangements created from individual petals and flowers. This style of bouquets gives the bride a unique and elegant look, emphasizing her individuality and creative taste. These bouquets are ideal for modern wedding ceremonies in a variety of styles and themes.

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    As they say, there are so many brides, so many styles of wedding bouquets. But don't worry, whether you prefer something original, pageant wedding bouquet or classic, we've got the perfect option. Our caring florists guarantee that your bouquet will be fresh and meet all your expectations.


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