Best seasonal flowers for your wedding

    Best seasonal flowers for your wedding

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 03 2024

    data modified: Jun 03 2024

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    The wedding is one of the most important days in everyone's life, and flowers are one of the most important elements on this special day. A bridal bouquet is not just flowers, but a symbol of love and soul connection between the newlyweds. Therefore, choosing the right wedding bouquet is a very important task for every bride. And sometimes the task becomes more complicated depending on the time of year. What kind of bouquet to choose in the incredible heat of summer to make it stand longer or in winter, when it is cold outside? Let's get to the bottom of it.


    Key takeaways

    • Summer bouquets combine bright colors with lush greens, enhancing the festive mood and complementing the bride's dress.
    • Autumn bouquets use seasonal flowers like asters and dahlias, adding rich, warm tones that highlight the season's unique beauty.
    • Winter bouquets feature flowers like calla lilies and roses, chosen for their ability to remain fresh and elegant in cold weather.
    • Spring bouquets bring a sense of renewal and freshness, with flowers like tulips, hydrangeas, and roses in soft, delicate shades.
    • Each bouquet is crafted to reflect the character of the bride and the style of the wedding, ensuring a perfect fit for any season.


    Summer wedding flowers

    The wedding bouquet of the bride in summer is an interweaving of bright colors with greens of turquoise, emerald, and salad shades. A dream come true and secret desires symbolize a delicate shade of pink or peach color of wedding summer flowers. This is the perfect combination of summer flowers for wedding bouquets with a dress and the mood of the holiday.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in June

    Bridal Bouquet With Roses and Orchid made of white hydrangea, roses, and dried amaranth will emphasize the bride's light character. Free in form and minimalistic, it will reflect the desire of the celebrant for self-expression, independence from standards and creativity. At the same time, the flowers for a summer wedding will fit perfectly into the style of a classic wedding thanks to the color scheme and composition. The bouquet is assembled in a very popular today disheveled, sprawling style. Fully open, the stem is only slightly decorated with a silk white ribbon.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in July

    Marvelous, in its delicacy, summer wedding bouquet flowers Bridal bouquet with white orchid from luxurious orchids, will not leave any bride indifferent. Exquisite delicate blooms are carefully arranged and look extravagantly in duet with the gypsophila. Thanks to the selection of flowers, the composition looks full, voluminous, and rich.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in August

    Embrace the magic in every moment with the delightful Bridal bouquet with orchid and dried amaranth. This exquisite composition is a hymn to innocence and elegance, subtly emphasized by luxurious orchids and dried amaranth. The flowers for summer wedding unfold their petals like a new life that begins with the union of two hearts.

    The shimmering delicate glow of white orchid buds gives a feeling of purity and freshness. Combined with the lush textural additions of dried amaranth, the bridal bouquet is an elegant addition to a wedding outfit.

    Fall wedding flowers

    For an autumn wedding bouquet, flowers for a fall wedding of different shades and textures, the main thing is that the bouquet emphasized all the mystery and special colorfulness of this time. Such bouquets are usually made of seasonal, autumn flowers: asters, dahlias. Also for an autumn bouquet can be suitable flowers of peach shades.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in September

    The classic version of the autumn flowers for weddings will always be relevant. But classic does not mean ordinary. Bridal bouquet with orchid, roses, anthurium, hydrangea, and garden will make the celebration exquisite and original, even if it is in the fall. The palette of white, nude, and tan shades located along the contour of the composition are responsible for the autumn mood in the bouquet. They are echoed by orchids that symbolize love, beauty, and strength.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in October

    Bridal bouquet with pampas dried palm roses and orchid - autumn bridal bouquet in delicate coffee cream colors graceful blend of pampas, dried palm, roses, and orchids. The main fall wedding flowers that set the color tone were cappuccino roses. White orchids filled and gave lushness. And finally, another accent of the bouquet was dried palm. The extraordinary detailing speaks of the fine taste and exclusivity of the moment. Autumn wedding flowers are perfect for October weddings organized in boho, country or classic romantic style. It is not just a decoration for the bride's hand, but a reflection of the depth of feeling and the uniqueness of the story you are creating together.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in November

    Bridal bouquet with peony, roses and dried amaranth is the embodiment of delicacy and luxurious taste. Elegant creamy peony roses combined with lush orchid flowers, framed with delicate dried amaranth, create the illusion of a sophisticated autumn bouquet. Silky ribbon of delicate beige color gives the fall wedding flowers arrangements a special charm, making it a unique accessory for the most important day.

    Winter wedding flowers

    The magic of winter is often associated with fluffy snow that covers the surrounding world with its pure white blanket. When choosing a winter wedding flowers, it is important to consider not only its beauty, but also the flowers' ability to keep fresh even on cold days. The ideal choice for winter flowers for wedding will be calla lilies and roses, which will retain their beauty and elegance even at low temperatures.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in December

    Bridal bouquet with calla lilies combines elegance and purity thanks to exquisite white calla lilies. Winter flowers' wedding embodies the beginning of a new story filled with promise and hope for a shared future.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in January

    Bridal bouquet with anthurium, ranunculus, and roses is a solution for those who strive for excellence and individuality in every detail. This bouquet with flowers for a winter wedding will become not only a part of the wedding image, but also a key accent, emphasizing the special character of the celebration. Elegant and expressive, it will be a perfect addition to a wedding filled with love and refined taste.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in February

    Bridal bouquet with garden roses and viburnum berries is not just flowers, it is a part of history that will be remembered again and again for years to come. Our florists put into white winter wedding flowers as a part of their skill and love for their work, so that the bouquet will please the eye and will be perfect at this special moment.

    Spring wedding flowers

    A spring celebration is unthinkable without magical flower compositions that will give it graciousness, tenderness and amazing atmosphere. Spring fills our hearts with blooms and aromas, and therefore the ideal choice for spring wedding flowers spring bouquet will be hydrangeas, roses and tulips in delicate shades, embodying all the charm of this magical season.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in March

    Bridal bouquet with tulips and hydrangea embodies sophistication and traditional beauty. Snow-white spring flowers for the wedding of peony-shaped tulips, tightly grouped in a lush cloud, give this bouquet airy lightness and unsurpassed elegance. Each spring wedding flower bud, carefully selected by our florists, symbolizes purity and strength of feelings, making this bouquet the perfect symbol of marriage.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in April

    Bridal bouquet with anthurium, ranunculus and roses - the dense texture of the flowers allows the bouquet to retain its shape and freshness throughout the wedding day. And its natural elegance ensures that spring wedding bouquet flowers will harmonize with any style of wedding dress.

    Seasonal wedding flowers in May

    Bridal bouquet with poppies is a real explosion of color and tenderness. The combination of flowers for the spring wedding of delicate pink, orange, and white poppies makes this composition truly picturesque. Each flower in this bouquet is carefully selected and skillfully combined with others to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the moment.

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