Tips to match wedding flowers to your dream dress

    Tips to match wedding flowers to your dream dress

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: Jun 03 2024

    data modified: Jun 03 2024

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    The main day in every girl's life is her wedding. On this day, everything should be flawless, including her image from start to finish. One of the most important accessories is the wedding bouquet, because it accompanies the bride throughout the day. It is important that the bouquet goes with the dress, completing her image. We offer some useful tips on choosing an exquisite and original bouquet, paying attention to its style, shape, and color.


    Key takeaways

    • Ensure your bouquet complements the style of your dress, whether it’s classic, romantic, or avant-garde.
    • Choose flowers that highlight your dress's fabric and details, like calla lilies for lace or velvet-matte textures for shiny fabrics.
    • Align the bouquet shape with your dress silhouette, such as a balloon-shaped bouquet for a princess dress or a cascading bouquet for a mermaid dress.
    • Ensure the bouquet size is proportional to avoid looking out of place or comical.
    • Select bouquet colors that harmonize with your dress's shade, considering the impact of white dress tones or the warmth of an ivory dress.

    Tips to choose a perfect bouquet that matches your wedding dress

    There are many factors to consider when choosing a bouquet. It is important not only to create a flawless wedding dress flowers composition but also to ensure its harmonious combination with the bride's dress and the general style of the wedding. What should you pay attention to in order to make the bouquet perfect?

    The bouquet and dress style

    Modern brides' tastes in dresses range from classic romantic to avant-garde. It is important to determine in advance whether the bouquet will emphasize the uniqueness of the dress or contrast with it. For example, if your outfit is eccentric, a wedding dress with green flowers, such as an unusual bridal bouquet with orchid and plumosa asparagus will be a great addition. If your dress is romantic and lush, an overly delicate bouquet of field daisies will be practically invisible.

    When choosing a bouquet, take into account the fabric and details of the dress. To emphasize the luxury of lace decoration, choose bridal bouquet with calla lilies. Ivory wedding dress with white flowers will be good with bouquet of calla lilies with long green stems.The greenery will draw attention to the lace, and the flowers won't overshadow the beauty of the dress.

    If your dress is made of shiny fabrics such as silk, satin or organza, choose flowers with a velvet-matte texture. A bouquet of wine-colored roses or hydrangeas will create a striking contrast and complement the textures of the outfit.

    Shape of the bouquet and the silhouette of the dress

    When choosing the shape of the bouquet, it is important to consider the silhouette of your dress. A bouquet in the shape of a balloon will suit a puffy princess dress. A mermaid dress or an outfit with a long train is best complemented by a dangling bouquet that looks like a waterfall. Wedding dress with pastel flowers like in a bridal bouquet with roses and orchids is good for such dress. For pantsuits is an ideal bouquet of long flowers, which will visually lengthen the silhouette and add slimness. Bridal bouquet with anthurium is just such a bouquet. Wedding dress with lace flowers harmoniously complement each other in this style.

    If the dress has an open back, consider a flower arrangement in a basket. By holding the basket at the bottom, you will draw the guests' attention to this detail. The key is to get the size of the bouquet right. An inappropriate size will catch the eye all day long. A bouquet that is too big or too small can look comical and ruin the whole look.

    Bouquet color and wedding dress

    When choosing a wedding bouquet color, there may be a misconception that white dresses are suitable for any bouquet. However, shades of white - warm or cool - can significantly affect the perception of the colors in the bouquet. If the dress has a different color, it is a good idea to pick a bouquet that reproduces these shades. Let's consider the most popular options.

    Best flowers for white wedding dress

    White wedding dress color is a classic choice for weddings, allowing you to add depth to the look with additional details. Here are a few trends to choose from depending on your concept:

    • Monochromatic white. An all-white bridal bouquet with orchid and dried amaranth will create a sophisticated and elegant look. You can choose from a variety of white flowers such as roses, lilies, peonies, orchids, and hydrangeas. For example, a white wedding dress with purple flowers like peonies can be both laconic and offset the simplicity of the dress with its luxury.
    • Greens. A green bouquet will give freshness and naturalness to a white dress. Such a bouquet makes the bride look like nature coming alive in spring. Consider options with eucalyptus, fern or other types of lush greenery.
    • Mixed Bouquet. White wedding dress with colored flowers will create a bright and cheerful look. It can include flowers of complementary colors and can be combined with the design of the wedding location or photo area. White wedding dress with black flowers will look unusual. This combination is suitable for extravagant girls.

    Flowers for ivory wedding dress

    An ivory wedding dress is a classic choice, giving the look more warmth and depth than pure white. It provides great opportunities for a variety of bouquet options.

    • Monochromatic look. Bridal bouquet with orchid, roses, anthurium, hydrangea and garden rose is a bouquet in shades of ivory that will create a harmonious and elegant look. Also consider flowers such as roses, orchids, calla lilies or gardenias.
    • Pastel shades. Soft pastel shades will add color while maintaining a romantic and delicate aesthetic. A bouquet can include flowers in delicate shades of pink, peach or lavender.
    • Saturated Colors. To create a dramatic contrast, saturated burgundy, emerald or deep purple tones and pink, good for wedding dress with flowers. Such a bouquet will add brightness and expression to your look.

    Flowers for black wedding dress

    Black wedding dress with flowers is the choice of brides who strive for elegance and simplicity, but want to stand out. This shade offers many possibilities for creating a unique wedding bouquet:

    • For rose lovers. Choose a bouquet with roses in various shades of pink such as pale pink, bubblegum, and fuchsia. These shades harmonize amazingly with a black dress.
    • To accentuate the trim on the dress. A textured bouquet of peonies, ranunculus, and parrot tulips in blush, orange, pink, and peach tones will perfectly complement a dress with floral trim on the skirt or veil.
    • For a dramatic effect. An expressive bouquet of roses, prothea, astilbe, and eucalyptus will create a gorgeous and dramatic look.


    Best flowers for red wedding dress

    A red wedding dress is a bold and passionate choice that can be beautifully complemented with different bouquet options. Here are a few ideas:

    • Delicate pastel shades. A bouquet in pastel colors such as lavender, peach or delicate yellow will create a soft and romantic look that goes well with a red dress.
    • Berry tones. Think wedding dress with purple flowers. Saturated, deep colors such as burgundy or plum will create a bold and sophisticated contrast with a red dress. These shades are especially appropriate for a fall or winter wedding.
    • A mixed bouquet. Wedding dress with blue flowers or a bouquet that includes flowers in different shades such as white, peach, and lavender will create a bright and cheerful look to complement a red dress.

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    These tips are not strict rules or guidelines, but rather pointers to help you not get confused when choosing your wedding bouquet. Your final choice should reflect your personal preferences and unique wedding concept, so that the bouquet harmoniously complements not only the dress, but also the overall theme of your celebration.


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