Master the art of dried flowers with Bloom Boom florists

    Master the art of dried flowers with Bloom Boom florists

    Alena Nyrkova

    data published: May 27 2024

    data modified: May 27 2024

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    The period of summer's riot of colors and floral fragrances is quickly coming to an end. On cloudy and rainy autumn days, in the gray, frosty winter months, we long to return to the fragrant summer garden.

    To help keep the summer mood can be compositions of dried flowers, which will fill the house with warmth, bright colors and subtle aroma. Creating compositions of dried flowers with your own hands is quite simple and very exciting. The main thing is to know how to choose the right flowers for the bouquet and how to dry them properly. 


    Key takeaways

    • Dried flowers, also known as immortelle, retain their decorative appeal for a long time.
    • These bouquets can evoke memories of summer, adding coziness and pleasant aromas to the home.
    • Dried flowers are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.
    • Dried flowers provide long-lasting beauty and require less maintenance.
    • Well-dried flowers are essential to avoid mold and maintain vibrant colors.
    • Handle dried flowers with care as they are fragile and can break or shed leaves and petals easily.

    What do bouquets with dried flowers look like?

    Dried flowers, also known as immortelle or immortelle, are elegant floral arrangements. Such bouquets retain their decorative appeal for a long time. Creating such compositions is not only relaxing and soothing, but also helps to preserve the memories of warm summer, filling the house with coziness and pleasant aroma. 

    These plants are hypoallergenic and completely environmentally friendly. In theory, any flowering plant can be a dried flower after drying. But in terms of floristry, not every one of them retains its shape and beauty after drying. Many flowers lose their brightness, shape and become brittle, shedding leaves and petals quickly.

    Fresh flowers and dried flowers for a gift

    What to choose - fresh flowers or dried flowers for a gift? This is a question that many people face when choosing the perfect floral arrangement for a special occasion or to decorate their home. The decision becomes easier if you consider several factors.

    Fresh flowers pros:

    • Have a fresh and rich fragrance.
    • Improve the mood with their bright appearance.
    • Symbolize vitality and freshness.

    Fresh flowers cons:

    • Quickly wilt and do not keep fresh for longer than a week.
    • Require regular maintenance: watering, water changes, leaf trimming.
    • High cost, especially for rare species and out of season.

    Dried flowers cons:

    • Durable and retain their decorative value over time.
    • Do not require maintenance like watering or water changes.
    • Can be self-made, which saves money.
    • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.
    • Preserve memories of hot summers, filling the home with warmth and fragrance.

    Dried flowers cons:

    • Do not have the same intense fragrance as fresh flowers.
    • Some species can lose brightness and shape after drying.

    Dried flowers for wedding

    The main attribute of the modern bride was, is and will be a bouquet of flowers. In recent years, compositions of stabilized plants and dried flowers have become fashionable. This is due not only to their practicality, but also to the fact that such bouquets long retain their appearance and attractiveness. Florists have proclaimed 2025 the year of dried flowers for weddings. To create festive compositions for brides, we use such plants:

    • immortelle
    • dried lavender flowers
    • largus
    • lucaria
    • pompasnik

    In addition to bouquets for brides, these plants are also used to create boutonnieres for grooms. Our florists carefully select bouquets for delivery. Natural decorations harmonize with each other and support the overall style of the celebration.

    Bridal bouquet with orchid and dried amaranth brings the spirit of bohemian romance and vintage charm to the bride's image. This floral composition combines delicate orchids and dried amaranth in pastel and earthy shades. Each flower and twig gathered in the bouquet retains its natural beauty and texture, creating a sense of timelessness of the moment.

    Bridal bouquet with pampas, dried palm, roses, and orchid is the perfect addition to a wedding look that favors sophistication and originality. It harmoniously blends the wild elements of dried palm with the luxury of a traditional rose, giving the arrangement a unique and memorable look. It will not fade during the day and will remain a beautiful memory of the wedding celebration for years to come.

    How to make dried flowers?

    Best dried flowers are usually harvested when the plant is at the peak of flowering. When cutting, choose long stems and remove their leaves. Once dried, the excess can always be trimmed off when arranging an arrangement. There are several drying methods and each should be adapted to the specific plant.

    Herb drying

    The first and simplest method is herb drying. For this, flowers and other herbaceous plants are hung upside down (inflorescences down) from the ceiling. The place for drying should be dark, well-ventilated, dry and relatively warm. Plants dried in this manner will retain stiff stems, raised leaves and will not lose color. Moisture and lack of ventilation can lead to mold.

    Standing drying

    Some flowers can be dried by leaving them “standing” (inflorescences up) in a container with a small amount of water. Here, the plant dries slowly while retaining its color. Dried hydrangea flowers are often dried this way. Herbs with stiff shoots such as ornamental garlic, gypsophila, and yarrow can also be dried “standing up”.

    How to preserve dried flowers

    Dried flower bouquets can delight us with their beauty for a long time - not just a few months, but even a few years. However, like any natural material, they have their own shelf life. To keep your dried flowers looking attractive for as long as possible, you should use well-dried plants. Otherwise, they may become moldy or lose their vibrant colors. It is also important to remember that dried flowers are fragile plants. It is not recommended to move the bouquet frequently, as this can cause the flowers to crumble or break.

    Choose flower delivery with Bloom Boom in San Diego, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood

    Choose flower delivery with Bloom Boom in San Diego, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Dried flower bouquets symbolize eternal beauty and lasting love, their soft color tones create a romantic atmosphere, enhancing their appeal. We deliver in Los Angeles daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Orders placed before 5:00pm can be shipped the same day. Shipping costs are calculated based on the shipping address at checkout. Free shipping is valid within 5 miles.


    Dried bouquet flowers are pleasing to the eye for up to 3-4 years. They do not wilt, spoil or lose petals and leaves. In addition, they retain their external attractiveness. Unlike fresh flowers, they do not wilt and do not fall apart after a while. They also tolerate delivery well and will be a great gift for any occasion.


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